10 Hot Digital Skills College Students Must Acquire

Hot Digital Skills

In our era, skills acquisition is the finest thing that can happen to a student before graduation. The skills you learn will vary depending on your interests, but they will help you and your family survive after school.

Before reading our list of the most profitable talents to learn, we believe some of you may be wondering why you should learn a skill if you’re studying medicine, engineering, pharmacy, accounting, or even law. So, we’d like you to conduct a small survey among your neighbours or social media acquaintances to determine who is now enrolled in the abovementioned courses, when they graduated, how many are currently employed, what sort of job they have, and how much they make.

Many graduates find themselves unemployed or working for a company that pays them 30k a month, including medical doctors in private clinics. Therefore, as a student, you must rethink. If you’re still on campus or have already graduated, you’ll benefit much from the process of reconsidering your life in general. Right now, there are a plethora of lucrative trades to learn. For starters, many of these digital abilities can be learned online and do not have to cost an arm and a leg, something many people are unaware of.

If you’re a student, here’s a list of some of the most profitable skills to study. These talents promise current and future work opportunities, especially as our world becomes increasingly computerized. Learning these skills will broaden your horizons and open your mind to possibilities beyond the four walls of your campuses.

1. Programming/Coding

Coding is defined as the study of any of the following skills: Fortran, JAVA, C++, Python, MySQL, Oracle, HTML, and so on. You’re a golden commodity if you can learn and master any of the languages, especially JAVA, Oracle, MySQL, C++, and others. Because our world is becoming progressively digital, a student can cover the basics of creating online material — as well as how to control its appearance and feel.

HTML5 is the industry-standard programming language, which is utilized by everyone from companies to newsrooms. Other types of coding can aid in the creation of programs and the retrieval of data from your device.

2. Digital Marketing Skills

It refers to the commercial procedures involved in employing digital technology to promote, market, and distribute a product or service. Online and offline marketing are the two types of digital marketing. There are many articles on the internet about digital marketing that we recommend you read. Reading these articles will help you get started on acquiring this fantastic skill that can turn you into a valuable asset.

3. Web Design

Web design is still a lucrative profession, and companies are increasingly realizing the importance of showcasing their products and services online. Developing this ability and being inventive with your design can help you put food on the table. After you’ve discovered how to make a website, go out there and do some study to discover business owners that don’t yet have an online presence. Offer them a low-cost way to get their business online, do a great job, have a professional website about your business with a link back to your site indicating you designed the site, and do this for a few other businesses to showcase your work. If you are good at what you do, within months, you will start getting jobs to clear your bills.

4. Typing Skills

Typing skill is the icing on the cake. It makes you perfectly fit into the digital world. And it can be learned by installing software like mavis beacon on your laptop.

5. Graphics Design

This is another profitable skill that can sustain an individual if he or she is good at it. Most acclaimed graphic designers even with the help of available software do messy jobs. Acquire this skill and you may not wish to work for anyone in your lifetime. Graphic designers are good at telling stories in images and texts. The best comics are created by graphic designers.

This skill can easily be outsourced and daily, novelists, writers, columnists, bloggers, magazines require the services of graphic designers to give a good picture to their stories.

6. Editing of Videos

The world has never seen such a significant shift toward video content as it has in the last few years.  More people can now afford to view video content via platforms like YouTube or social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram, thanks to increased internet and data availability.

Companies and enterprises are taking advantage of this shift by using videos to interact with their customers in a language they understand. Anyone with video editing skills is a hot commodity right now, and if well-positioned, might turn it into a lucrative business. As a result, we believe that video editing is one of the most profitable skills that students can learn.

7. YouTube Skills

Based on the most recent YouTube data, in 2021, there are over 2 billion subscribers on the video-sharing platform worldwide. After Facebook, YouTube is the most popular social media network. YouTube is not only the most popular social media network, but it is also the most popular search engine. After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine. It receives more monthly queries than Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and put together.

YouTube allows anyone to go on and on. In the not-too-distant future, having a YouTube channel will be almost as important as having a LinkedIn profile. It will serve as a platform for businesses to learn more about possible employees, including their talents and skills. YouTube is simple to use; you simply create a YouTube channel and begin uploading videos on themes that interest you. YouTube will be completely saturated in a few years, so now is the best moment to get on board. YouTube is a very profitable business.

8. Networking Skills

Communication, active listening, and social skills are incredibly valuable in both professional and personal settings and are especially sought after by employers, as all successful firms rely on networking. Networking skills are the abilities required to maintain professional or social relationships. Networking is an important skill in sales, corporate growth, and a variety of other fields.

To build and cultivate relationships with new contacts and promote something of value, networking abilities are required.

9. Basic Microsoft Skills

Microsoft Excel is a digital talent that would be extremely valuable to you as a student.

What is Microsoft Excel, and how does it work? Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS that was created by Microsoft. The calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and other functions are included. If you haven’t already, you should start learning basic Excel abilities as soon as feasible. You will enjoy it if you enjoy graphs and illustrations. If not, give it another shot. Common Excel keyboard shortcuts, as well as the use of cell references, styles, and data ranges, are all basic Excel skills.

The basic skill set for Excel also includes several view options such as zooming in or out and revealing formulas, as well as basic spreadsheet formatting. When it comes to new hiring, top businesses look for people that are proficient in Microsoft Excel, among other things. So, for every smart student right now, gaining this lucrative skill is a significant thing.

10. Blogging

Blogging is still a lucrative industry if done correctly. Some bloggers earn six figures a month, while others earn less or more. When you have sufficient knowledge in each niche, you are the only one who can determine your earning potential.

However, to monetize effectively, you must register your domain name and host your blog. This will provide you with an unlimited number of monetization alternatives, such as affiliate marketing, ad networks, or the sale of digital products.