10 Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics, Projects & Ideas

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10 Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics

The choice of the topic for any research paper is always exhausting. This is because the topic that we most identify with is not always the one that has the best material available, the best acceptance or the best supervisor. For this reason, this article is for you, a student of an area as important and delicate as the case of Psychology.

How to choose the topic of a Psychology research paper?

As the themes are extremely numerous, making the right choice among the different types of psychology theme is not an easy task. In an area so rich in study options, as is the case with psychology, a student who will need to get a degree must be ready to convince the exam board of his/her knowledge in the field.

The simplest choice usually tends to revolve among the themes that stand out the most. Without a doubt, it is always a great option when starting your planning for Psychology research. However, the most popular fields may be saturated, and your work should contain specific elements that expressly indicate your point of view under the approaches already mentioned, in addition to bringing new data, information and perspectives on the subject.

On the other hand, for those students who wish to go deeper in their research work, there are several options of topics that detail aspects of this important profession. Many of them have not yet been the object of any Psychology Undergraduate Course, which can be a challenging fact, however, very positive for their presentation and the final evaluation result of their examining board.

Always choose a topic that you have mastered and/or have a strong degree of interest so that your work has more fluidity and security in the content. Still in this sense, try to choose themes where the main subjects have already been extensively studied so that your Psychology research is well based. This does not take away from you the opportunity to analyze, research and demonstrate aspects from your perspective as a student and future psychologist.

Tips to help you choose

You may have noticed that there is no exact formula for the ideal choice of your Psychology degree. Therefore, the best option is to carry out a preliminary survey of the topics that generate the most enthusiasm and curiosity. So, knowing which themes you like best, research who are sources on that subject. Read the largest number of books and articles and look for the most relevant information about them.

The golden tip is to start this research in advance so that you can start your project within the period indicated by the course, without wasting time with the common vagueness and doubts when choosing and presenting the topic. In this way, study as much as possible about everything that already exists around the predefined themes and, when appropriate, make your choice safely and joyfully.

The internet has a rich academic material, consisting of master’s theses, scientific articles and other publications. All this material can broaden your research horizons, developing thoughts and theories that will add immense value to your Psychology Undergraduate degree. As a negative point, the internet doesn’t identify whether a research paper is good, or bad, false or true. So be very careful with the search engines you use. Always check the sources, dates and authors. Pay even more special attention if you are going to use some of these databases in your Psychology degree.

Another way to add knowledge to your psychology degree is to learn from existing examples. Several institutional units (practically all public and private universities) offer a space entirely dedicated to research papers by former students. Thus, you can choose from the most varied theses used in other works and dissertations to conclude the course to read and learn a little more about the topics already researched. Doing a good reading of this type of material is highly enriching since you can already mentally print out which are the points that conflict with your positions and which can be used in your Psychology research paper.

Suggested topics for your Psychology Undergraduate degree

After providing the main elements necessary for a good choice and a good performance in the elaboration of your Psychology research paper, we present some topics that you can research on for your final year project.

1. Gender identity among adolescents

Gender identity is a term used to describe feeling like a boy or like a girl. A child knows if he or she is a boy or a girl by the age of 1 year. By 4 years, a child understands the differences between boys and girls. However, in recent times, teenagers have begun to struggle to identify their gender. The way they act and appear have begun to contradict the established norms. Instead of this, this research will examine the factors responsible for these changes.

2. Understanding the causes of growing depression of men

Depression is a common topic for research papers in psychology classes. It’s a very complex subject and one that offers many possible topics to focus on, which may leave you wondering where to begin. However, a good topic for research is the growing depression amongst the male folks in society. This research will examine the growing trend of depression amongst men. This research work will also examine the reason for increased awareness about depression amongst men.

3. Identifying Schizophrenia During Adolescence

Many research works have established that genetics play a significant role in causing schizophrenia. Having a family member with the condition greatly increases your risk of developing schizophrenia. However, while the condition sometimes runs in families, having a family member with the condition does not necessarily mean that you will develop the disorder. Many research works have established that schizophrenia starts to surface during late adolescence, however, many people realise this condition very late. This research paper will identify the symptoms of schizophrenia at the beginning stage to provide help with the condition.

4. Pregnancy and personality disorders

During pregnancy, the main focus on a woman is about the physical changes in her body, very little attention is given to the emotional and mental changes she is experiencing then. Indeed, many people have noticed that pregnant women experience a change in attitude during the period. It is for this reason; this research work will examine the causes of change in personality of pregnant women.

5. Identifying the root cause of psychological pregnancy

Psychological pregnancy is a situation whereby a woman begins to notice symptoms of pregnancy, only to discover that the symptoms were not occasioned by pregnancy. This research work will examine the factors responsible for this feeling of pregnancy. This research work will also examine the impact of this feeling on the mental health of those who experience it.

6. Understanding Antisocial Personality Disorder

Some people tend to lack empathy in our immediate environment, and they are quickly tagged as mean or wicked people. However, this is a type of disorder that has not been given much attention as it should be. The antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) is a condition characterized by a lack of empathy and regard for other people. People who have antisocial personality disorder have little or no regard for right or wrong and act in an insensitive way. This research will examine the symptoms and causes of this condition. This research paper will also examine the effectiveness of the treatments administered for this condition.

7. Effectiveness of hypnosis as a functional treatment

Regardless of the myths associated with hypnosis, it has been used over the years for medical and therapeutic purposes. This research work will examine the effectiveness of hypnosis as a treatment for different kinds of psychological problems. This research work will also identify the different types of hypnosis that exists.

8. Bullying in schools

Bullying in schools has been talked about severally in academic discourses. However, this research work will examine this topic from an unconventional perspective by focusing on the individual being bullied by identifying the aftermath effects of the act.

9. Effects of child sexual abuse

Our experiences in childhood play a big part in shaping our health and well-being throughout our lives. Sexual abuse in childhood can leave scars that can last for a long time. In recent years, victims of this act have started coming out to narrate their experience and seek closure from the experience. This research work will investigate and identify the impacts of this trauma on the victims of childhood sexual abuse.

10. Effective treatment of alcoholism with therapy

When you can’t control how much you drink and have trouble with your emotions when you’re not drinking, you are experiencing alcohol use disorder. This research work will investigate the effectiveness of therapy in treating this disorder.

In Conclusion

We hope that you use some of the topics we have provided in this post and even if you are not going to use any, we hope they serve as inspiration for your choice of a research topic.