10 Practical Tips to Improve Your Logical Thinking

Tips to Improve Your Logical Thinking

Whoever will take the entrance examination, or a public contest knows how important it is to have quick logical reasoning and a good memory. This is because there is a lot of important information and details that are charged during the examinations and that must be fresh in the student’s mind. For this to occur, it is necessary to improve your logical reasoning. The good news is that there are ways to do this and we will take a look at some tips in this article to help you improve logical thinking.

What is logical thinking?

Did you know that logical reasoning is not just a matter that falls around examinations? Despite being closely linked to mathematics, it is much more than a set of numbers. It defines how someone thinks and comes to the conclusion of a problem.

You may not have realized it, but we all need it a lot daily. It is based on logical reasoning that we decide on the order to store the materials in the brain. In other words, it is through this process that we make several important decisions – which can have several impacts on our lives.

To help you improve your logical thinking, we have highlighted ten practical tips, with simple actions to be applied in your day-to-day activity, which will help you have an even better performance. Check it out below, and good luck!

1. Be very curious

Did you know that curiosity is a great stimulus for our brains? Curiosity tends to improve your logical thinking. When we research something, the brain creates new neural connections, and you learn something new. So, when you find something you don’t know, don’t be lazy. Search and understand more about the topic.

2. Have you done anything new today?

Do you know what else stimulates the brain to create new neural connections? The practice of new things in your daily life. Changing the way you go back home, eating something new, or learning something different are things you can do that will help you further improve your logical thinking and take you out of your routine.

3. Read a lot, not just study material

Everyone knows that encouraging reading is very important for human development and that the habit of reading is very important for learning, right? Besides being a moment of relaxation, reading helps you improve logical reasoning and makes you a more creative person as it stimulates the imagination. Also, literary works can help you feel lighter, with less tension and with a lower stress level. Include reading a book in your routine, even if you can devote yourself to it just a few minutes of your daily life. The important thing is to create the habit of reading. For each area of knowledge, there are also many interesting books to serve as a study and also for leisure reading.

4. Avoid using calculators all the time

Keeping your brain active with stimuli that increase your reasoning ability is essential for improving your logical thinking. So, for that, you must stay away from calculators. You know that pizza you bought with friends, and now you need to split the bill? Don’t be tempted to use your cellphone calculator and do the math in your head. Remember that this habit will help you keep your brain active, and you will see the gain ahead when it is easier to take the entrance examination. You can also look for games that use math as a background for fun and train the subject.

5. Have a good night’s sleep

It is common to hear stories of students who stay up all night or sleep only a few hours a night while studying. This “tactic” may seem like a good one; after all, you are using more time to study, right? Wrong. Sleeping little is very harmful to health and very bad for those studying, where they need to better understand the content learned. This is because it is during sleep that brain cells are regenerated, and toxins accumulated in the body are discarded.

Also, when you sleep little, you have a good chance of waking up discouraged, and this can disrupt your study routine the next day. Thinking also slows down when you are tired, and your logical thinking is likely to be impaired. Thus, understand your pace and know how many hours of sleep you need. Always maintain your sleep routine and also seek quality. It is recommended that during the two hours before bed, no stimulating activity is performed. That is, do not play high-impact sports, avoid watching television or using your computer and cellphone. At bedtime, choose a quiet and dark place.

6. Practice physical exercises

Taking care of your health is essential, and exercising can be very valuable for your studies. This is because physical activity provides increased memory and ease of reasoning. Several studies correlate the regular practice of exercises, with the increase in areas related to memory and reasoning in people’s brains. Another very important gain for those who exercise regularly is the reduction of anxiety and stress, very present in moments such as preparation for the entrance examination. One tip is to carry out physical activity early in the morning. That way, you start your day on a fresher note and can enjoy your study day even more. How about practicing sport and reconciling studies with a social life?

7. Write a diary

The habit of writing by itself already helps to improve logical reasoning. But writing a diary is even better. In addition to helping you remember your day, the diary will provide you with a moment of reflection. Journaling is active, and you will need to analyze your day, getting closer to your feelings and everything that happened in your life. It is an invitation to introspection and the conscious, and this can further improve your logical reasoning.

8. Create more

Creating is an exercise that greatly stimulates your logical thinking. You don’t have to be a craftsman or focus on crafts. Identify what you like to do, and include it in your routine. It can be playing an instrument, composing a song, writing a poem, and drawing.

9. Call friends to play a game

How about setting aside time in your calendar for a game with your friends? This invitation may seem just to relax and have a moment of relaxation. Depending on the game you choose, it can be very useful to improve your logical thinking. That’s because several games need extremely critical and strategic thinking so that you can do well. Games like checkers, chess, detective, war games, and complex games are usually interesting. If you want to play alone, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or online chess may be good choices. Also, you can solve a Rubik’s Cube.

10. Make your brain work

We live in a world where many people don’t even know their cell phone numbers. This makes us stop using everyday life to train and further improve our logical ability. Do not give in to the temptation to always use GPS, write down the numbers in the phonebook, and make calculations by cell phone. Try to decorate and memorize small details of everyday life. When making a new route on the street, observe some landmarks, and try to reach the same place, in the next opportunity, without using GPS.


From the above, it is obvious that there are a variety of ways to train logical thinking and sharpen your brain to better deal with personal and professional issues. Knowing how to think logically will help you to make the most of life’s opportunities, we therefore urge you to take action now.