11 Things You Should Do Before Leaving University/College

Things to do before you leave University/College

University life can be very interesting and memorable, depending on how well the student is able to balance between academics and other extracurricular activities. While it is most important to get the best grades and come out with excellent results, there are many more things that can be done without hampering the possibility and priority of academic success. For most people, you probably have to go through university as an undergraduate once, except you go back and do another Bachelor’s degree. You should try to take the opportunities open to you very well and juice out unforgettable experiences out of school life. If you really want to make the best experiences out of your campus life, with the people around you, the time you’ve got and the things available which may not be there around you any longer when you leave, then you should consider the following things, these are some of the things you should do before leaving campus. This is not an advice for you to take anything to the extreme, especially when it’s not your primary purpose of being in school, rather it’s for you to live a balanced school life and not miss out on things you could actually try out for fun or for value while you are in school. Below are 11 things you should do before leaving univerisity/college campus.

1. Save

For some students, if not many, being at the University or college gives you an opportunity to receive allowances from home or even help from others which you likely wouldn’t have received while at home. This means some amount of money come into your hand at times. While it is clear that the school demands are there and you have to take care of yourself as a student too, it is also an opportunity for you to discipline yourself to save some money, no matter how little. Apart from the financial returns of savings which if you are well informed you can go on to wisely invest, you will also be cultivating a good financial habit of learning to save. Try to do it consistently and you will later be able to enjoy the rewards. Doing this kind of thing well might also help your parents or sponsors to see you as a responsible, thoughtful and prudent chap.

2. Travel

Visit good places, museums, amusement parks, go out on picnics with friends. Go to historical places, you could even visit other institutions and see their outlook and all of that. Don’t get so locked up in the work and study spree (which is important) that you don’t have a time to have some good adventure. Plan your travels in such ways as will not affect your school work. It does not to necessarily be something that will be expensive, just find a good place you can travel to for sight-seeing, fun and adventure, a safe place and affordable too. These are memories that you will be able to refer to after your years in school. Take story telling pictures to keep the memories alive.

3. Grow

One of the best opportunities you have to take personal responsibility for yourself is during your University or college days. Likely before becoming an undergraduate student, most of your decisions were made on your behalf, and all you needed for upkeep was provided for you. You now have an opportunity to grow and begin to make good and responsible choices for yourself. This does not mean that you should jettison all the people who have always offered you good counsel, or to begin disrespecting your parents or guardians, rather it’s for you to grow up and mature, take good initiatives even before you are told to do so by others, let them see that you are beginning to take care of some things about yourself and not overtly dependent as before. Also, Read books, grow your mind, develop your personality and begin to work towards the best you can be.

4. Sports

Get involved in one sporting activity or the other in your school. It can  be fun, and it’s also a way to keep fit and exercise. Make a deliberate attempt to be part of sporting activities in the way that you can and in such sport that you are interested in, and that is available.

5. Cook by yourself

Really, campus life in University or college is one time you can really develop your skills, including knowing how to cook well. While you may have the opportunity of going to restaurants and the likes to eat, also take out time to deliberately cook for yourself if you are not the type that does it regularly. Brush up your cooking skills, become a better chef. This is a skill that people will appreciate in you when they see you do your thing.

6. Join a group or start one

You should find a good club to join, a group with a good mission and vision, ready to add value. Of course not a bad group. If you cannot find the type of group that catches your fancy, passion or interest, you can start one if you so wish and if there’s allowance for you. Doing something of value, making positive impact with other people when you are a student is also one of the good memories you will be able to look back on and appreciate later. What if it goes on to create some good and lasting connection between the members?

7. Intern

Try to apply for internships that are available for students, this is a very laudable step to take because it will help you to gain some experience in some areas more than other colleagues of yours  who may not do any internship while in school.

8. Volunteer

You should volunteer for jobs and humanitarian services that you can do to add value to the lives of others. Apart from the input you will be making to the community and the experiences you will be gaining, these are things that you can put in your resume to further give you edge in your job seeking ventures.

9. Network

You should be very deliberate about networking while in school. Most of the people you see around you on campus today might be the company executives, political heads and important people in the nearest future. Make a conscious effort to have some solid relationships established with people. You never can tell where you will meet in the future and what extent today’s relationship and network would go in helping tomorrow’s situations. Also when you network in school, even before graduating, these friendships can be of help to you while in school.

10. Decide what’s next

Don’t wait until after school to begin to figure out what you want to do next. While you are on campus, begin to think futuristically, plan towards when you leave the campus. What will likely be your next line of action. Don’t leave everything to chance. You could even begin to take actions towards things that interest you while in school, you should not wait till you leave.

11. Attend conferences

You should also take interest in attending conferences or value-adding programmes where your mind can be sharpened and where you can be better equipped to handle certain aspects of life.