4 Useful Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

Useful Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

In this article you will learn four simple tips on how you can exercise, train, stimulate your brain, to increase your cognitive abilities and consequently your intelligence and mental health.

Without wasting much time, several tricks and techniques can enhance human intelligence. Some experts understand the concept of intelligence as an entity that is based on logical and linguistic reasoning ability (standardized tests generally measure this). On the other hand, other experts and scholars understand intelligence as globality constituted by a series of independent categories.

Anyway, without going into all the existing theories (it would certainly be enough to write a psychology project) regardless of the research line, there is a consensus among researchers, everyone agrees that the cognitive factor is primordial and directly linked to intelligence!

So, what can we do to increase our intelligence and enhance our cognitive and emotional capabilities?

4 tips to increase and enhance your intelligence

1. Meditation and Mindfulness

The most widely practised meditation practice is to concentrate on the breath!

Although meditation can come from different strands and specific techniques, in general, the one that is most practised is the one in which we place ourselves in a calm and relaxing environment and pay attention to our breathing (breathing deeply and exhaling).

If you don’t think that meditation or mindfulness can lead to a state that some define as “nirvana,” that’s fine, but what’s indisputable is that the relaxation of meditation has many benefits for increasing our intelligence.

MRI scans performed with people in a meditative state have shown that this practice, if done frequently, can bring about positive changes in the brain, such as increasing the capacity for attention and concentration, increasing memory, and increasing the activity of some regions of the cerebral cortex, a complex region of the brain responsible for memory, thinking, consciousness, attention, language, and perception.

2. Train the Brain

Training the brain is essential! Our brain, like our body, needs to be trained with regular exercise to operate and function optimally. To maintain the performance of our cognitive abilities, classic games like puzzles, sudoku, or other classic pastimes based on logical reasoning are valid.

With just half an hour a day devoted to this kind of exercise and games, we can keep our brains in top shape. Furthermore, math exercises are very beneficial.

But there are also some everyday exercises, such as trying to brush your teeth with the hand opposite the one you usually brush, as well as exercising your brain, which will certainly add a bit of fun and good humour to your day.

3. Sleep well

Sleep well and for an ideal period! It should not be new to anyone that sleep well, and the number of hours sufficient is ideal to maintain good physical and mental health. But how does sleep increase intelligence?

The truth is that when we sleep, contrary to what many people think, our brain does not turn off, it structures all the stimuli, ideas and emotions that happened to us during the day.

If we don’t have good hours of rest, we can have cognitive and health problems. In this way, sleeping well helps to increase cognitive function and the brain’s ability to concentrate. Several types of research indicate that the ideal is to sleep 8 hours a day. To learn more, read the article Excessive Sleepiness: Causes, Consequences and Treatments.

4. Taking care of the body is also taking care of the mind

By taking care of the body, you automatically take care of the mind!

When we take care of our body, we consequently take care of our mind. Practising physical exercise frequently is good for physical health and mental health, as it provides better blood circulation, taking more oxygen and glucose to all regions of the body, including the brain.

Another thing we must consider is the way we eat. The quality and quantity of what we eat are closely linked to brain health. Some foods that improve our intelligence are fish, eggs, vegetables, and some drinks like herbal tea.

Games that can increase intelligence

  • Question and answer games

Trivia-type quizzes (question and answer) are perfect for memory training. The mental exercise that you do with this type of activity consists of navigating our memory to find the necessary information. They will also allow you to acquire a large amount of information and knowledge playfully. In addition, as they are usually practised in groups, they are an excellent opportunity to share knowledge. You will learn from everyone.

  • Memory games

The activities we do with the classic memory cards reward concentration and our retentive capacity. This mental activity helps us increase our cognitive reserve. They are a very stimulating and fun resource to train our brain and, thus, stimulate the growth of our level of intelligence.

These pastimes consist of a set of pairs of cards that are placed randomly on a table. Players will take turns picking up the chips and will only be able to pick up two per turn. Every time a pair with the same figure is discovered, the player picks them up from the board and increases his score. The winner is the one with the most pairs.

  • Chess

Chess encompasses a great variety of mental abilities and efforts. It is one of the best activities we can do to boost our intelligence. Its practice not only implies greater work and development of the ability to concentrate but also improves the capacity for analysis and different calculation mechanisms. It also favours creativity and strategy, along with decision-making. All these aspects are very relevant when determining our IQ. There have been numerous scientific studies that corroborate intellectual involvement in chess.

  • Puzzles

Puzzles are great for keeping your mind awake. Keep in mind that, by practising them, you will be using reasoning, memory, attention, and logic strategies at the same time. This is so to the point that they enhance mental activity, improve short-term memory and even cognitive reserve.

In addition, with its practice, you can increase your concentration and your ability to solve problems in real life. You will also develop your spatial vision and you will be training visual memory and imagination. Skills that you can take to other aspects of your life and that will keep your brain and your level of intelligence in shape.

  • Dominoes

Dominoes is a game of dexterity and mental ability in which mathematics and logic play a fundamental role in the cognitive development of those who practice it. Playing dominoes, as well as other mental prowess hobbies, ties directly into the brain’s relationship. In the same way, it also does it with association, coordination, memory, and language. In turn, it helps develop the intellectual potential of those who practice it. Excellent training for mental health that, unfortunately, is often forgotten and dedicated exclusively to the elderly.

  • Card games

Some card entertainments, such as poker or blackjack, are officially classified as mental sports. They offer a high mental stimulus that can raise our level of intelligence, due to the various areas of the brain that it manages to stimulate.

The truth is that almost all card games, including solitaire games, help develop motor, mental and sensory abilities. They promote memory and concentration, stimulate cognitive development and creativity. In addition, they will be of great help in other areas such as autonomy or tolerance for frustration.

  • Board games

These games generally help us maintain a healthy brain. On the one hand, we are working on memory. On the other hand, we are working on logical reasoning and concentration. But, in addition, we will be stimulating brain activity, by putting our brain in a constant challenge.

On the other hand, they are usually social activities with a very important playful component. All this together works in a very positive way to keep our brain active. And when that happens, we are working on our intelligence.

  • Mazes

Mazes are a very good tool for brain training. They are an activity that improves learning, spatial perception, decision-making capacity and, of course, skill. A set of benefits for the mind that will strengthen and improve your learning capacity and, with it, your IQ.

  • Video Games

If you like video games, we have good news for you. Academic research has shown that these can be a great way to work the brain. They help us to make quick and effective decision making, to develop strategic thinking and our ability to solve problems in a situation of uncertainty.

Now, not just any video game will do. They should be those that force you to think differently and faster than you would in your everyday life.