7 Best Android Apps that Help Students in Self-Development

Best Android Apps that Help Students in Self-Development

A lot of students suffer from being overwhelmed in their classes. When they return home, they need to do the same tasks they just learned in college. Meanwhile, young people are thirsty for new knowledge even if they don’t have enough time for it. With this list of the eight best Android applications, students will be in time to develop new skills without pulling back their homework.

1. Peak App

Peak is a fun, and free brain-training workout developed for students. Peak’s brain games and puzzles challenge memory, language, and critical thinking. Keep your mind active, even if you are tired of your classes.

Play more than 45 games that help train your memory, attention, and language, and develop math skills, problem-solving, mental agility, coordination, emotion control, and creativity. This application is developed with neuroscientists’ help and has everything to relax your mind after classes by changing the type of activity.

2. iNaturalist App

If you want to engage your life with science or like to study all living organisms as a hobby, get iNaturalist on your phone. With the help of this app, you’ll unleash the secrets of nature and find out many species both near and far.

Discover and record your observations and identify animals and plants around you. Scientists in saving nature may use the notes of your studies. iNaturalist is invented with the initiative of the National Geographic Society and the California Academy of Sciences. Don’t stay beyond saving our planet in one army of nature lovers and professionals!

3. Star Walk 2 Free App

Have you ever thought your phone can be a telescope in your pocket? StarWalk is an excellent solution for those who always dream of discovering more about our space.

Become a space explorer with this astronomy application. Learn space about comets, constellations, and planets of our solar system. Track your phone camera on the night sky, and the app will identify stars, and space objects, and observe even meteor showers.

Spend a great time with your friends and become an astronaut, as you always want to be!

4. Grasshopper Mobile App

Learn to code for free with this unique app for beginners. Grasshopper helps you to write your first JavaScript code while you solve visual puzzles. The most significant benefit is that you don’t need to work on big laptops and create projects with your smartphone.

After you complete your lesson, you are going on to the next step and get a new concept of the task. Never stop learning and reinforcing your knowledge with mini quizzes after every progress you make.

5. RoughAnimator App

Even though you are not a professional animator, you always want to create something unique; the time is now! Rough Animator is exactly what you need to improve your drawing skills. Learn the basics of creating frame-by-frame cartoons as professionals in world-famous studios!

The workflow is designed for intuitively understanding and drawing your first custom video. With the ability to create your own brush, your picture will be fulfilled with your unique style. Control resolution, add audio for lip-syncing, import video for rotoscoping if needed, and do all this in one app.

6. Speed Reading Android App

Students have to process a vast massive of information every day. Speed Reading will help to manage this problem. With this app, you will learn to read faster, develop memory, and find the essential information in the text.

Specially selected features in the application will help you quickly remember words and numbers, increase concentration, significantly increase the speed of your reading, and open the mind to more acknowledgements.

7. Mathway Android App

Don’t have an idea of how to solve your tasks on mathematics? Here is the application that is ready to manage any issues on figures. Get help with basic math and pre-algebra such as arithmetic, decimal numbers, roots, integers, fractions, and factors.

Mathway also knows how to solve tasks on algebra such as logarithms, functions, matrices, graphing, and absolute, linear, and quadratic equations. Improve your skills in trigonometry with learning trigonometric functions, conic sections, identities, complex numbers, vectors, matrices, sequences, and series. Built-in calculus will help to count complex integrals, limits, and derivatives. Count statistics easily with solving combinations, probability, and permutations.

Get one of these applications on your device, and you’ll be impressed by how quickly you are fulfilling your brain with new knowledge on any discipline!