7 Top Blogs About Technology for Students

Last Updated on August 13, 2021 by Chrisantus Oden

Top Blogs About Technology

Even if you are not a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) student, you can still find a lot of helpful and entertaining articles in the blogs dedicated to technology. At the same time, technology is rather an umbrella term that includes the latest news of computing to the prosperous visions of space. You can be less of a fan but the curious type, and who knows, maybe the next “opinion” article will inspire you to dig deeper with your research. 

Our top list will have blogs equally entertaining and informative.

1. MIT Technology Review

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) enters the top list of the most prestigious and prosperous Universities for STEM careers. We list it first since it provides professional insight on the latest news in categories of biotechnology, AI, climate change, and many other related topics. You also can find relevant events like conferences and talks hosted or supported by MIT. 

Honestly, the MIT Technology Review is an example of a full package for a tech aficionado or person who wants to learn about the latest technology-related news. 


You definitely know what WIRED is! The oldest and best-known magazine, an online version, which is a place where you can find anything from the latest news on TV shows and in-depth analysis of culture to technology-related articles. The user-friendly layout and easy navigation make you binge-reading various articles and unique WIRED investigations. 

You can easily access previous articles starting as early as 2001. WIRED should be used as an additional source for inspiration and a fresh look on familiar subjects. It also offers various discounts for subscription and unlimited access to all perks of the magazine. 

3. The Verge

As you enter this blog, you are greeted with the stylish title The Verge, current date, and the hottest news post. Such an approach is indeed appreciated by people who like web design because it is capturing your attention and reserves The Verge a special place in your reading list. Owned by Vox Media, this blog covers all the latest releases before others manage to write about it. 

You can read unbiased opinions about the news in technology and its possible implications for all of us. The Verge also has unique video reports, features, and even podcasts. If you like stylish blogs and professional reviews, then The Verge is for you. 

4. Gizmodo

Gizmodo is a part of Gawker Media, available in nine languages, and covering design, technology, and science topics. Also, you can find political opinions and science fiction on it. User-friendly design and catchy headlines (not clickbait-y but sparking the natural interest to open the link), and you have a perfect mix of a tech blog. 

Most likely, all your friends who like tech know this website and either you love it or hate it, you know about it. Gizmodo also has a unique video collection made exclusively for the platform and to make your time here even better.

5. CreativeBloq 

CreativeBloq is a favorite place for web designers and those who like the design. It has various “How to” and tops of the best of the best websites. However, if you think that this blog doesn’t belong to the list, we want to convince you otherwise. 

It has a news section that can be useful both for tech fans and designers alike. You will learn how to find the best discount for a student, what to look in the latest smartphone releases, and how to set up your home office. CreativeBloq is a must in your reading list, that’s for sure. 


The blog that will give you everything you need to know about the gadgets, tech hardware, and many other tech-related products. CNET also shares with you many helpful “How to” guides and news on the industry. Modern design gives you quick access to the relevant categories, and you can easily read CNET edition in one of seven available languages. 

From latest news to helpful reviews, you can choose CNET as one of the sources for your daily tech update. As a cherry on top, CNET shares with coupons and deals that every student would appreciate. 

7. Engadget

Engadget is a source for your daily tech updates and reviews, including interesting pop culture analysis and gaming reviews. It has a convenient section Buyer’s Guide, making it possible for its readers to find the best gift or deal. A user-friendly layout allows you to scroll through the fresh news and find the most relevant article for you.

The tomorrow section is the most significant advantage of the platform. You can learn there about the newest tech, from AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality), machine learning, and another tech that changes the world.

While you are looking for inspiration all across the best tech blogs, you should not forget about your comfort and deadlines to follow in the upcoming academic year. Check for additional resources and keep your brain trained for new challenges. You may consult with various resources like , academic writing labs, and many other sites designed to provide you with solutions to ease the stress. At the same time, more versatile and educational platforms serve as a great start for future discoveries.