7 Ways to be More Productive During Strike Action

7 Ways to be More Productive During Strike

Strike periods in Nigeria could be somewhat unpredictable, especially if they are indefinite. For strike actions that shut down academic activities, it is important for students to know how to make best use of the time. Sometimes the universities involved in the strike may give a warning strike of a number of weeks or period of time but when the strike is indefinite strike then it could extend for some time. It is therefore important that the strike period is converted into a productive period because eventually the strike is over, you want to be able to look back and be able to point to one or two things that you were able to achieve especially if the strike lasted for a long period of time. In this article are some points on how to be more productive during strike action period.

Of course, it is not usually easy to be able to predict how long or short a strike action will be, it is good that you start whatever productive thing you desire to do on time especially when you perceive that the strike may take a bit long. When the strike begins try to begin to observe the look of things and begin to figure out what productive thing you can achieve within the period. Of course you may not be able to predict the length, just ensure you start something you think you can be possible within the period of time, and that will be achievable, so that while you are missing academically due to the strike you are not missing out on adding value to yourself in other areas. You should use the time to develop yourself one way or the other.

1. Read up

For students who might have been lagging behind already in their course works or in their study in the course of the semester, a strike period is a good time and opportunity for them to catch up if they can quickly recognize it and make good use of the opportunity. While some might look at the disadvantage that academic activities are on hold, the advantageous part is that students who are lagging behind can catch up. Even if a student is not lagging behind it is also an opportunity to study more and have a better grasp and understanding of the concepts and topics in the course works, so that by the time of he or she resumes back to school, moving along will be much easier. If possible, the period of a strike action can also be used to read and study ahead, that will make the academic work easier when school reopens. There will be there will be less bones to crack.

2. Learn skills

A period of strike action can also be used to learn trades, you can use it to upgrade your skills in one way or the other. You could probably learn a soft skill or a hard skill depending on which skill type you are going for. You can learn skills like graphic design, fashion design, cake making, copywriting, content writing, you can even learn how to repair electronics or phone repair. Learning skills and being skillful in one thing or more is very important because skills sell. When strikes occur, no matter how bad or otherwise you feel about it, you can use it for your own good and use it to add value to yourself by learning more skills. That you have a skill already that you’ve learnt or that you are good at does not stop you from upgrading or learning more skills.

3. Write a book

You can decide to use the strike period to write a book. If probably you’ve had the desire to write a book all the while and maybe already have the idea in your mind. You can use the opportunity of the ‘break’ that the strike affords you to write the story or the book that you intend to write and then that would be a great achievement. Even when you are not able to finish the book within the period, depending on the length of the strike, at least you will know that you have started writing the book already so that is another idea for you.

4. Read for personal development

As well, you can use the period of a strike to read up books for personal development. They could be books on relationship, business family life, finances or religious books to help your spirituality. You can read as many books as possible to help yourself and add to your value spiritually, physically, socially, mentally and in different areas. A period like that of a strike can afford you such an opportunity, make good use of it when it comes and add intrinsic value of knowledge, understanding and personal development to yourself.

5. Start a business

If you discover that you have a good business idea that you can possibly start even during the strike period, then go for it. Don’t wait for a big opportunity, the time you have is also a very good opportunity to start something. So, work with that your business idea and start something no matter how little. If you are not even starting the business immediately you may use the period to do some good feasibility study, survey and planning for your proposed business and if possible, you can start something.

6. Do lessons

If you have the opportunity to take private classes or lessons for students around you, either in secondary school or primary school during a strike period then that is a good one for you, since with that you can be able to somehow keep your brain active and also get some money no matter how little or otherwise. So if a strike happens, and you have to probably go back home, or wherever you may have to stay, you can look around you for students or pupils and see if they will need coaching, either private coaching or having to coach a number of them together. That will be in a good way of spending the time because you will not only be adding value to those students or pupils, you will also be getting something monetary in return.

7. Learn a musical instrument

You can use the period to learn a musical instrument. If you are a musically inclined kind of person or you just take interest in a particular musical instrument which you desire to learn, then a strike period is an opportunity for you to start learning that instrument, and depending on the length of the strike, you might be able to learn the instrument to a good extent even before the strike is called off. So, do not just stay at home, sleeping, waking and eating, without finding one way or the other to add tangible value to yourself.

While it is good for students to keep hoping that the rate of strike actions in the country will reduce to the barest minimum, it is also very important that with these anomalies in the academic world, students know how to turn the disadvantage to their own advantage. The points listed above are some of the things that you can do as a student during a strike period and you can make it productive for yourself. It is not a good idea that you are missing out in school due to a strike action causing shutdown of academic activities and that you are still doing nothing to add value to yourself in some other good and meaningful ways.