Finding a Final Year Project Topic in Electrical Engineering

Last Updated on April 7, 2019 by Chrisantus Oden

Finding a Final Project Year Topic in Electrical Engineering

The entire process of finding a final year project topic for Electrical Engineering courses begins with the general awareness as to why the university or college needs a final year student to develop a project. This is because working on a project at the university level makes practical use of your theoretical know-how, and it is an abundant learning experience. This means that the best project topic must be that topic that will put the student to test on all that he or she has learnt and the new things he is willing to learn. But then again, apart from the topic being the right final year project topic for the student, it also has to be the project topic that would be approved. Now let’s talk about how students should go about finding a final year project topic.

The following steps are the most important steps in the process of finding a final year project topic for final year electrical engineering students;

Personal Interest

Most students tend to take for granted the question of what project topic works best for their personal interest. Finding a final year project topic must involve the consideration of personal interest. You have got to ask yourself the exact topic that interests you. For instance, you cannot be interested in machines and you want to do a project in power systems. It might work out in the end but you will have to put extra work in it. Moreover, chances are by the time you are in final year project, you must have streamlined your area of interest. So in finding a final year project topic, streamline it to your area of interest.

The Availability of Resources

One of the most frustrating things in doing a final year project in electrical engineering is having limited resources to pull it through. Apart from a topic being the right final year project topic for you, you have to put into consideration every single resources you will need to pull it off. If it is a design project, you will have to confirm that every component needed can be bought in the market. And if it is a research project, ensure that the project materials you are going to need, the software for analysis and other key components are easily accessible.

Budget and Cost of Project

When finding a final year project topic, the budget for project work is always and should always be a major criterion. Make a good budget estimate by doing your own research; asking your senior colleagues or even your supervisors. If it requires a lot of money, you will have to decide if you will fund it yourself or source for funds from variable sources.

Selection of Supervisor

The supervisor is your guide; your success or failure majorly lies in who your supervisor is. So in finding a final year project topic, you should also consider who your supervisor is. It is also good that you get to meet them frequently, asking them for advice.

Category of the Project

Electrical engineering is a broad discipline with fields like Power Systems, Instrumentations, Machines, Control Systems, and Renewable Energy etc. In finding a final year project topic, you will have to categorize the project. Also, make sure that the topic you are looking for is relevant to that particular category.

To conclude on all the different steps that you can take in finding what project topic is best for you in electrical engineering, it is important to know that your final year project topic goes beyond just grading, you will need it when applying for a master’s program. As a take home advice, when you are working with a team in the project, ensure that every single one is involved in the process of finding a final year project topic.