Great Business Ideas for Students in Higher Institutions

Business Ideas for Students in Higher Institutions

Being a student can be demanding, not only in terms of having to study, do assignments, tests and exams. For students who have sponsors who are well to do and buoyant, the financial demands of schooling may not be hard on them, but for others who may not be as lucky as that, then the need arises for such students to find means of making ends meet. Even apart from the fact that you may need to meet some needs in school, college or university period is a good time for you to start taking some responsibility for yourself, you know you can begin to look at how you can begin to make more money by yourself. One good way you can begin to do this is to look in the area of having a business that you can do along with your school work.

There are so many businesses that students can do side by side with their academic works. All you need to do is to first have the mind-set that you want to begin to do something for yourself and have money to meet some pertinent needs. This article goes on to reveal to you great business ideas for students in higher institutions. Of cause you must think well before choosing a particular business, do a good study and survey about it and see how best you can combine it with your academic work, you have to be sure you are willing to do it, know what will be required for you to start, put things together and begin to get started. The good thing is that when your colleagues know you are into a particular business, when they need your service, they are likely to call you. Below are some businesses you may consider.

Private or Home Lessons

This is a very good one, considering the fact that you are a student, you need time for yourself and you also need money. So what will bring in money should be something flexible to an extent. You can do home lesson for secondary or primary school students. First get to know your environment well and the people you have contact with regularly. Do they have children who will need extra lessons? You can also put a kind of advert around your environment and online as well for people who may be reached through that too. Bargain good price with the parents of the pupils and students when they declare interest and arrange a proper time for the lessons. Ensure you give commensurate value or even more than the pay. Let the parents see the impact of your teaching in their children’s performances.

Graphic design

A very lucrative enterprise if learnt and done well. You can start by learning how to design by taking a course online or physically. You need to understand colour psychology, elements and principles of design. You will also need to always think creatively so as to come out with different yet stunning ideas. You will also need a laptop or desktop that run design applications like the Adobe software. Due to their graphics capacity, you’ll need a system that meets their requirements. You can build competence and confidence through practice and as a student, some of your classmates may run petty businesses which you help create logos and fliers for thereby building your portfolio and increasing your exposure. There are also different students’ associations on Campus which you can also design for getting money. You can as well volunteer for a group (like an association) so you gain exposure. You can also get freelance works on freelance sites like, and many others.

Cake making

You can learn how to make cakes and begin to really do some good cakes for your friends. If you bake well and your friends or colleagues have birthday or something else to celebrate, they could come to you. You can also decide to make the price to be pocket-friendly so that students can find it easy to patronise you. You can put some of your works on your social media platforms to advertise to others the quality of work you do.


Whether you are a freelance graphic designer, writer, programmer or good at other soft skills, then you should really consider doing freelancing jobs. Go online on sites like, and the likes, create account there and make your profile as attractive as possible for clients to see. You may need to really learn about how you can attract clients easily on these platforms so you can get jobs. Having an account on does not automatically mean that you will get a job there. You must know how to go about it to attract clients to yourself.

Liquid Soap making

Well, this is another one you can consider. People will always need to use soaps for one thing or the other. While I am not talking about bathing soap here, you can make liquid soaps that can be used to wash plates, clothes and some other things. Of course, you cannot just add anything together to say you are making soap, you have to learn how it is being done. Ensure that you are good at it and that your products are nice. You should make sure your soap foams well and you can also make use of a very good-smelling perfume.

Recharge cards/data

This is another business you can consider. People use airtime often, they buy recharge cards. People need data to browse, chat and download things. You could take advantage of this opportunity as well and begin to sell recharge cards, you can also sell data to your friends, colleagues and others around you.

Hair dressing

This is probably more for the females. People want to make their hair, and if you are good at making hair or you have been trained at it, then you could look into making hair for people around you when you have the time.

Fashion design

Even as a student, you can make money by making clothes for people. Of course you must have learnt how to sew well, and if you have not but have interest in fashion designing, then you can learn it. You may not even need to have a shop, your room can be a good place to use, just find a way to arrange your machines inside your room and do some good work from there. You can even sew very good styles for yourself and let people know that you are the one that sewed them. Advertise yourself, let people know what you are doing. When they give you jobs, don’t disappoint. Give the best.


This is a very good one you can consider as a way to make money as a student. If you have learnt the photography skill already and you are good at it. Have a good camera and begin to harness your skill at ceremonies, programmes and the likes to make money. Try to distinguish yourself, make your work as good as possible and make sure you keep improving to the point that you can become the right person to call if there is a need for a photographer.

These are some businesses you can do to make money as a student. There are other business ideas you can explore, you can look around you or look for ideas online, if you don’t have idea, seek for ideas and be ready to work with the one that resonates with you. There is dignity in labour and working with your own hands give you a sense of responsibility. So, if you are a student and you are thinking of how to make some money, business is a good way to go.