How Becoming a Better Writer Will Make You More Successful

Many otherwise good relationships have been eroded or ended completely because of a lack of communication. Poor written communication skills can also prove to be a drag on your career prospects regardless of what industry you are in. Therefore, becoming a better writer can lead to greater success in both your personal and professional life. Why is this often the case?

1. Details Matter When Talking With Others

Let’s say you are in a commercial building with blue paint on all the walls. If you told your colleague to meet you in the blue room on the fourth floor, that may not be enough information to find you quickly. However, if you told your colleague to meet you in the teal room with the dolphin sticker on the door, that person would easily determine where to find you. This allows you to get to the meeting on time or start your day without being labeled aloof or unreliable.

2. Learn to Communicate Concisely

Ideally, you will tell the recipient of your message what he or she wants to know within the first few lines of the message. If you must include a lot of extraneous information within an email or a letter to a colleague or a potential investor, make sure to create large headlines before each paragraph. This enables your recipient to quickly identify the important information within seconds and read the rest of the message when there is more time.

3. Tact is Incredibly Important When Developing Long-Lasting Relationships

If you told someone they could stand to lose a few pounds, they may take that as an insult. However, if you told that person that he or she needs to lose five pounds to make a desired weight class before a major MMA tournament or because it could help increase his or her speed on the track, it is likely to be seen as constructive advice. Remember, it isn’t what you say to people as much as how you say it that is the difference between being reviled and being a friend to all.

4. Writing is a Lost Art Today

By becoming a better writer, you can market yourself as someone with a unique skill to offer an employer. Writers are also seen as more creative and able to solve problems than those who cannot write. Even if you don’t see yourself as overly creative or an outside-the-box thinker, perception is often a reality in life and business. Therefore, you should never miss an opportunity to be seen as the best candidate for a job or someone worth being friends with.

5. Ways to Become a Better Writer

The best way to improve your writing skills is to write each day. Whether you write an email to a friend, keep a journal, or write a blog that others can read online, writing down your thoughts will help you remember grammar rules or refine your voice.

You may also want to join a writer’s group or take writing classes at a local college or university. A local community center may also offer classes at night or on weekends. Whenever possible, make sure to hand your work to another writer to examine objectively. Editing your own work is good but may lead to missing obvious mistakes in your prose.

Learning how to write can help you become a better communicator in general. As this is one of the foundations of being successful, make it a priority to improve your writing skills today. Even if you never publish a novel or start a famous blog, simply being able to articulate a viewpoint in an email or on social media will help you stand out in society.