How to Know if You’re Depressed or Just in a Funk

Depression can be difficult to diagnose. Why? Because there’s a delicate line between mental health issues and other concerns that make you feel like you’re not entirely yourself. Here are a few more factors that could be dragging you down:

Table of Contents

1. Sleeplessness

Your body loses so much of its capacity to manage thoughts when you’re sleepy. Have eight hours of sleep a night if possible.

2. Sickness

You’re tired and don’t want to eat anything? You may be catching a cold. Consult your physician.

3. Hormones

With what’s going on in your body, your mood can fluctuate naturally. Do you have a history of PMS in your family? You may be particularly responsive to changes. Consult an obstetrician-gynecologist.

4. Medication on Prescription

Hormone-based birth control could be the source of the problem. ADHD medications are also reported to hurt one’s mood. You must inform your doctor of your situation.

5. Use of Alcohol or Other Drugs

These affect the neurotransmitters in your brain and can make you feel quite down. Do you need assistance stopping smoking? Speak with your family or your child’s pediatrician.