Increase Your Chances of Gaining Admission into Nigerian University

Gaining Admission into Nigerian University

What ratio of students who graduate from secondary school’s yearly are able to gain admission into Universities? Students want to be able to gain admission into their desired institutions to study their desired courses, the question is, how many of have this desire fulfilled? Consider the fact that there are many people who are on ground already not having gained admission, more students graduate from various secondary schools and add to the number. When it comes to admission into Universities in Nigeria, the experiences of many applicants are not funny at all. Going by the way Nigeria is in terms of population and the level of national interest and equipping of the educational arena, it is almost normal that we have this kind of situation. You’ve probably learnt of students applying for many years into universities not gaining admission or you are probably in that shoe yourself. You might think you have done all you could and the hope of getting admission might be seeming bleak, the truth is that as bad as the situation is in Nigeria, people are still getting admitted into Universities. So how can you increase your chances of gaining admission into a Nigerian University? What things should you consider?

Don’t be bent on a particular course

Have you heard or read about people who stay many years seeking admission for a particular course for many years? And because they have not gotten that course, they refuse to go for any other course. There is the possibility that because of the prestige and remunerative prospect of some courses, people may want to go after such courses, such courses will likely have more people applying for them and there will be competition. The competition will make the probability of gaining admission slimmer. This is not a campaign for you not to go after the course of your dreams or abandon what you are passionate about, but if a particular course that you keep applying for is not forthcoming, then why not try a closer course to that which may be less competitive? Instead of spending good number of years being wasted looking only in one direction, why not try another course that you like?

Do Advanced Learning Courses

One of the ways you can use to help your way into University is by taking advanced learning classes where you do A-level courses and take examinations as well. These A-level courses, if you are able to pass well and enter the University with them, you enter into 200 level. So, it happens that you have not actually lost any year. This is something you can really consider, you should endeavour to look for the money, enrol for the classes and be as serious as possible so that you can have excellent grades. So, going for A-level courses could really be something you should consider.

Don’t be bent on an institution

Do not have too much preference for a particular institution. Of course it is good for you to have what you love and where you would really love to school, but if you have tried and you did not gain admission, you could still try again, but do not keep going for an institution where nothing seem to be coming forth. Try another institution in as much as they have the course you are applying for. You need to exercise some due flexibility when it comes to admission issues. Do not be unnecessarily too rigid on what particular course you want to study or a particular institution you want to attend. If it were to be a more balanced society where you can make such choices, then good to go you are.

Also, if an institution’s particular cut-off mark for UTME as regards your intended course is more than the score you had in JAMB, then be smart enough to quickly go and change your institution. You should go for an institution that you have up to the cut-off mark or more than the cut-off for your chosen course.

Do a pre-degree course or remedial

Universities usually have remedial courses or pre-degree programs for students to prepare them to be able to gain admission into 100 level in their institutions. Find out if your choice university does pre-degree program and apply for it if necessary. This program is usually for a year and if the student is able to do well, he or she can gain admission into the school. This is one you should really consider if you do not want to waste time applying and applying.

Choose according to your capacity

Be sincere with yourself, consider your strengths and weakness, consider your academic capacity when choosing a course. Don’t just choose a course because it is prestigious, go for a course whose requirements you know you can meet up with.

Make your preferred institution your first choice

Put the institution you really desire to gain admission into as the first choice. Don’t put your preferred institution as the second choice. It is better to be on the safer side, so do everything within your own power and control to make sure that you are not taking any undue chances.

Do part-time

While your desire may be to really go in and do the normal full-time course for your bachelor’s degree, if you are not able to gain admission for full-time on time, then you can consider applying for a part-time program. This could even make you have more time on your hands to do other things. You could be doing a job and still be able with a level of convenience run the part-time degree program.

Avoid examination malpractice

You know, if you have been cheating your way through school up until the external exams like WAEC and NECO, and even JAMB. When it comes to post-UTME, the likelihood is that you will not perform well. So, it is better for you to take the time and have the right attitude to go back and get yourself well taught and prepared. Learn all you need to learn, take the exams without malpractice and ensure that you are ready enough to perform well in Post-UTME exams.

Make use of good connections

Well, in a country like Nigeria, connections work a lot. So, if you have connections that can catalyse your admission process, please use them. Of course, you should first ensure that you meet up with the necessary criteria, at least to a reasonable level, then you can make use of good connections where possible. Use as many good helps as you can, you never can tell which one will work, but also ensure that you do it the right way.  This does not mean you should do wrong things to have admission, the advice is, use as many good helps as you can.

Private University

One other direction you could look at is to apply to private universities for admission. Private universities in Nigeria are expensive, but if you have the means, you can go for a private university. Somehow when you start something, you will have to find a way for the money to come for you to continue one way or the other. So do not think it is totally impossible. You can probably talk about it with your parents, sponsors or guardians and see their take on it.

Take every good and applicable measure to enhance your chance of gaining admission. Good luck.