Linguistics and Nigerian Languages Projects, Ideas and Topics for Beginners

Linguistics and Nigerian Languages Projects, Ideas and Topics for Beginners

Linguistics and Nigerian Languages — We have developed a compelling list of interesting Linguistics and Nigerian Languages research project topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

1. Autosegmental Analysis of Tone in Igbo Associative Construction.

2. The Structure of the Igbo Verb Phrase.

3. Theme and Style of Igbo Birth Songs.

4. Ndeta ỤtỌ asỤsỤ n’edemede ỤmỤ akwỤkwỌ nke ngalaba mgbasa ozi, politeknik gỌvmentỊ Etiti, Oko

5. Language use in diplomacy: A sociolinguistic appraisal of Nigeria – South Africa diplomacy.

6. Cognitive domains of the sense relation of selected Igbo verbs.

7. A discourse analysis of president Goodluck Jonathan’s speeches during Nigeria’s independence day celebrations.

8. The dehumanizing effects of war: A study of selected Igbo prose fiction.

9. Ethnopoetic study of Igbo oral funeral poetry in Elugwu Ezike, Enugu State, Nigeria.

10. Metaphor and the Igbo masquerade: The Ezeagu example.

11. Aspects of Olukumi phonology.

12. Microparametric syntax of interrogatives in North Eastern group of Igbo dialects.

13. The structure of the noun phrase in English and French.

14. Hiatus resolution strategies in Igbo.

15. Hiatus resolution strategies in TIV.

16. Strategies of Igbo address system: A sociolinguistic investigation of greetings and rhetoric.

17. A comparative study of cleft formation in the syntax of Nsukka and standard Igbo.

18. Contrastive analysis of English and Igbo tense formation.

19. Historicolinguistic study of convergence and divergence in the Tivoid languages phylum.

20. Assessment of language acquisition of children in motherless babies homes in Enugu state, Nigeria.

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