List of Interesting Civil Engineering Project Topics & Ideas for Beginners

Civil Engineering Project Topics & Ideas

Civil Engineering — We have developed a compelling list of interesting Civil Engineering research project topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

1. Appraisal Of Construction Health And Safety Risk Management In Nigerian Construction Industry – A Case Study Of The Building Industry.

2. Effects Of Addition Of Carbide On Sewage Degradation.

3. Integrated Solar And Hydraulic Jump Enhanced Waste Stabilization Pond.

4. Analysis Of Orthotropic Plates In Free Vibration Regime Using Rayleigh – Ritz Method.

5. Safety Analysis Of Structural Foundations Built On Abandoned Solid Waste Sites.

6. Development Of Layered Elastic Analysis Procedure For Prediction Of Fatigue And Rutting Strains In Cement – Stabilized Lateritic Base Of Low Volume Roads.

7. Analysis Of Rigid Jointed Plane Truss Structures Using Finite Element Analysis Technichques.

8. Appraisal Of Construction Management Practice In Nigeria.

9. Minimization Of Environmental Impact Of Energy By Optimization Energy Mix Technique.

10. Spatial Variation Of The Concentration Of Heavy Metals In The Vicinity Of A Dumpsite By Finite Volume Analysis.

11. Analysis of Sandcrete Blocks Production By Using Different Sources Of Sharp Sands In Some Parts Of South-East Geo-Political Zones. Case Study: Enugu And Ebonyi State.

12. The Effects of Rotational Inertia on the Response of Dynamically Loaded Structures.

13. Analysis of an Automatic Control System for Online Blending of Petrol with Corrosion Inhibitor in the Direct Continuous Electronic Fuel Injection Automobile Engine.

14. A Decision Model for the Design and Operation of Inventory Programmes in a Manufacturing Industry.

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15. Minimization Of Environmental Impact Of Energy By Optimization Energy Mix Technique.

16. Modelling of Adsorption Efficiency for the Removal of Lead and Copper from Waste Water.

17. Comparative Analysis Of The Compressive Strength Of Concrete With Gravel And Crushed Burnt Bricks As Coarse Aggregates.

18. The Effects Of Rotational Inertia On The Response Of Dynamically Loaded Structures.

19. Energy Benchmarking And Carbon Footprint Reduction Opportunities In Portland Cement Manufacturing Processes In Nigeria.