List of Interesting Economics Project Topics & Ideas for Beginners

Economics Project Topics & Ideas

Economics — We have developed a compelling list of interesting Economics research project topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

1. The Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility on Selected Macroeconomic Variables in Nigeria.

2. An Empirical Investigation of the Buoyancy and Elasticity of Tax: The Nigerian Experience.

3. Appraisal of the Contribution, Macroeconomic Determinants and Revenue Implications of the Informal Sector in Nigeria, 1970 – 2021.

4. Institutional quality, government expenditure and economic growth: panel evidence from four selected West African Countries.

5. The relationship between remittance net flows and economic growth in Nigeria.

6. An empirical investigation of the determinants of wage differentials in Nigeria.

7. The determinants of regional poverty in Nigeria.

8. Government budget deficit and economic performance in Nigeria.

9. Determinants of fertility rate among women and the implications for population growth: A comparative study of Nigeria and Ghana.

10. Empirical analysis of macroeconomic instability and foreign direct investment inflow in Nigeria.

11. Structure and composition of domestic debt and The impact on private investment in Nigeria.

12. An empirical investigation of the interactions between remittance inflows and human capital development (Implication for the Economic Growth in Nigeria).

13. Government expenditure and energy consumption in Nigeria.

14. Economic analysis of public expenditure growth and optimal size of public sector in Nigeria.

15. Risk and vulnerability to poverty in Nigeria.

16. Monetary effects of banking crisis in Nigeria.

17. Foreign Direct Investment And the Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria.

18. Access to Credit and Performance of Small Scale Farmers in Nigeria.

19. Analysis of Stock Prices And Exchange Rate Interactions in Nigeria.

20. An Empirical Analysis of the Sacrifice Ratio in Nigeria.