List of Interesting Mathematics Project Topics & Ideas for Beginners

Mathematics Project Topics & Ideas

Mathematics — We have developed a compelling list of interesting Mathematics research project topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

1. Mathematical Modelling of Optimal Strategies for Improving Industrial Productive Population in the Presence of Perverse Diseases Pandemic.

2. The Effect of Atmosphere on Earth-Space Radiowave Propagation Studies of Tropical Satellite Communication in Nigeria.

3. Portfolio Selection and Optimal Financial Investment in Nigerian Economy.

4. Mathematical Analysis of Hemodynamic Pulse Wave in Human Fluid-Structure Interaction.

5. Mathematical Modeling and Control of a Nonisothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor, CSTR.

6. Interactional Analysis of a Regional Based Multiple Organic Farming System on an Activity Induced Fertility Varying Soil Resource.

7. A Mathematical Model for Evaluation of Assests Returns in a Volatile Economy.

8. Mathematical Analysis/Predictions of Internal Generated Revenue (Igr) in Some States in Nigeria.

9. Mathematical Modelon a Three Way Catalytic Converter: A Comparative Study of Gas Phase Concentration and Temperature.

10. Boundary Value Problems for Quasilinear Second Order Differential Equations.

11. Mathematical Model on Glucose, Insulin and Β-Cells Mass Dynamics in Type 2 Diabetes.

12. Mathematical Model of Blood Flow Through a Tapered Artery With Multiple Stenosis of Different Heights.

13. Mathematical Model on Human Population Dynamics Using Delay Differential Equation.

14. Mathematical Analysis of Hemodynamic Pulse Wave in Human Fluid-Structure Interaction.

15. Deformation Field near a Crack Tip under Thermal Stress.

16. Open Channel Flow Over a Permeable River Bed.

17. Fractional Mechanical Oscillator.

18. Generalized Mathematical Modeling of Aqueous Humour Flow in the Anterior Chamber and Through a Mesh Channel in the Human Eye.

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19. Mathematical Model of Predator-Prey Relationship with Human Disturbance.