List of Interesting Political Science Project Topics & Ideas for Beginners

Political Science Project Topics & Ideas

Political Science — We have developed a compelling list of interesting Political Science research project topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

1. Contextual Analysis of the Theory of the Greatest Happiness to the Greatest Number: The Nigerian Experience, 1999-2021.

2. Civil War and Human Rights Violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1996-2021.

3. International Arms Control Policy Implementation Problems and Small Arms Proliferation in the Niger Delta.

4. Frustration/Aggression Theory and Niger Delta Militancy, 1999-2021.

5. Boko Haram Insurgency and Gender Based Violence in North East Nigeria (2007-2021).

6. Politics of Tuberculosis Control Programme in Rivers State, Nigeria, 2001 – 2021.

7. Islamic Fundamentalism and National Security in Nigeria: Analysis of Boko Haram, 2009-2021.

8. The Role of the United State’s Government in Regime Change and Neoliberal Reforms in Libya.

9. Democratization and Post-Election Violence in Nigeria and Ghana, 2003-2021.

10. State-Local Government Joint Account System and the Financial Autonomy of Local Government in Nigeria: A Focus on Anaocha Local Government Council of Anambra State, 1999-2021.

11. Community Based Organisations (CBOS) and Rural Development in Enugu State: A Case Study of Age Grade System in Nkanu East Local Government Area.

12. The Effects of Rolling Back the State on Development of Nigeria’s Political Economy (2003 – 2022).

13. Nigeria-Japan Trade Relations and Economic Development in Nigeria, 1999-2021.

14. Implementation of Education Sector Reforms and the Delivery of Quality Education in Enugu State Nigeria, 2011-2021.

15. Poverty Alleviation Programme in Kogi State.

16. Corruption in the Nigerian Public Service: A Study of Imo State Civil Service (1999-2021).

17. In Vitro Regeneration of Treculia Africana Decne. From Embryo Explants on the Media of Murashige and Skoog (MS) and Gamborg Et Al. (B5).

18. Local Government and Challenges of Autonomy in Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

19. North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Management of the Ukrainian Crisis.

20. A Comparative Analysis of Electoral Reforms and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria and Ghana, 2010 – 2022.