Top 10 Nigerian Universities to Study Accounting

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Top 10 Nigerian Universities to Study Accounting

Accounting is the process of classifying, recording, measuring, selecting, interpreting, communicating financial data of some organization. This can also be called bookkeeping, a way of communication between financial situation and the business. The accounting is often divided into several fields, such as management accounting, financial accounting, tax accounting and auditing. The accounting process is usually conducted by accounting organizations.

There are a lot of universities in Nigeria that you can study accounting but if you are looking for the right school to get the best education for your chosen field, then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of the top 10 universities in Nigeria where you can study accounting.

1. University of Ilorin

The institution was established in the year 1975. The University of Ilorin is a government institution that is situated in the city of Ilorin in Kwara state. This institution is very large and it occupies 5000 hectares. The university is known for its excellent lecturers and high level of education. This is one of the best places to get an accounting degree in Nigeria. The faculty of accounting is quite popular among students and the University offers a first degree, a Master of Science degree, and a Ph.D. degree in accounting. The university boasts of senior and experienced staff, and is able to run all programmed smoothly.

2. University of Benin

The prestigious University of Benin is a first generation federal institution. It was established in 1971. The institution provides accounting courses under the faculty of Management Sciences. It is a well-known Nigerian university that offers accounting and has a high quality of education hence it is recommended as one of the best schools to study accounting. The University of Benin through mentoring and teamwork helps to bridge the gap in professionalism in the accounting profession in Nigeria.

3. University of Calabar

Grown out of the University of Nigeria (UNN) Calabar campus, this institution is situated in Calabar, cross river state and began functioning in 1973. It is a second generation federal institution. There is a wide range of courses available for prospective students in the university. The accounting department became functional in the year 2000 and has made great progress since then. It is affordable with a fairly conducive environment and has earned its place as one of the best schools to study accounting in Nigeria.

4. Bayero University, Kano

Established in the year 1977, this university has been providing accounting courses in the faculty of management sciences for about 10 years. Students are provided with high qualitative courses, and the program is constantly updating. It shows promise to become even better in the coming years and can be ranked as one of the best universities to study accounting in the country.

5. Afe Babalola University

This is a private institution that was established in 2009 in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti state. The institution works as six colleges, and one of them provides accounting courses. It is a very modern and progressive university that gained a good reputation among others. It is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).

6. Federal University, Oye Ekiti

This University in Oye-Ekiti city, Ekiti State. The institution is reasonably new because it was established in 2011. The accounting course is one of the departments of social sciences faculty.

7. Landmark University

This private Christian University that is located in Omu-Aran Kwara State. There is a school of business in this institution, and the department of accounting is a part of this school, in 2014 this institution was recognized as one of top 5 universities in Nigeria, so the quality of education is remarkably high.

8. Ambrose Alli University

Established in 1981, the institution has campuses in both Edo state and delta state. Students can obtain a B.Sc. degree in accounting in this institution. They pride in producing a steam of accounting graduates who are imbibed with the requisite attitudes, ethics and professional skills necessary for improving the frontiers of accounting practice locally and internationally.

9. Babcock University

This institution was founded in 1959 and is situated between Lagos and Ibadan. There is a school of management science and one of the departments of this school is accounting. It is a very business oriented course that helps students to gain all the knowledge in the field of accounting in our time.

10. Kwara State University

The institution was established in 1990 in Kwara State. Accounting is taught in the college of social sciences in the institution. It is a state university and is very interested in grooming the next generation of accountants that would be functional and effective in the society.

We hope with the information shared above, you would be guided properly in your decision to find the best university to study accounting in Nigeria and acquire an excellent education in this field.