Useful Tips on How to Write a Political Science Essay

How to Write a Political Science Essay

The purpose of writing political science essays is to continuously summarize political experience and lessons through research and analysis of existing politics, to promptly discover and make up for the loopholes and deficiencies in existing politics, promote the political process, and contribute to social progress and economic development.

In essence, writing a good political science essay necessitates close integration of ideological and political courses, as well as the fervent study of the basic theories and mastery of the basic viewpoints. Meanwhile, it is important to get out of the classroom and go deep in the communities, as well as actively participate in social practice, social thoughts, and their changes. This will enable you to participate in social practice, conduct investigation and research, find, and refine materials from social life, master a wealth of first-hand materials, draw nourishment from it, and obtain inspiration.

Tips to master in writing political science essay

1. Be up-to-date and write new ideas

In the process of writing essays, we must be good at in-depth analysis of ordinary things, find out their unusual features, and pay attention to the uniqueness of the ideas. To write a brilliant political science essay, one must first study the theoretical knowledge of the ideological and political guidelines, and policies of the party and the country, and the current situation at home and abroad, and actively participate in various social practices.

It is by doing so, you will be able to send out new thoughts with your own independent opinions. Therefore, one must be able to think independently, be good at discovering problems in real life, looking for materials, holding on to in-depth investigation, analysis, and research, and eventually figure out the essence of thought from external behaviour and unearth the source of the problem from the phenomenon.

2. Be thorough in your analysis

A political essay requires one discussion for one issue, a blend of affairs, a clear hierarchy, and strong explanatory power. It is essential to understand the truth that it is better to be factual than to speak fluently, so do all within your power to always present facts and reason that will easily be identified with. It is necessary to carefully sort out and analyze the materials obtained in practice, after which thorough removal of falsehoods and preservation of truth can be done for the presentation of viewpoints that are clearly stated, and the theme of the thesis be upheld to inspire people.

As regards the structure of the article, be it explaining a certain truth through people and things, or using certain principles to analyze the phenomenon, one must pay attention to the consistency of views and materials, and truly blend the ideas.

3. Be precise and concise

Simple and straight to the point is a great feature of small papers. A key factor in writing a good political essay or any essay at all is knowing how to be concise and precise even in the face of rather large information, as well as a small one. Writing a small essay requires in-depth investigation and research, careful observation, and possession of as rich and practical materials as possible. It is critical to also use scientific thinking methods to carefully analyze and organize the materials obtained and select typical and specific materials. And after the first draft is written, read it several times, scrutinize it, and revise it repeatedly, to ensure the sentence is smooth, organized, and the language is concise.

The structure of the essay

  • Propose a topic: this is the first paragraph of a political essay aimed at specific materials or propositions. Therefore, go straight to the point using a few words to clarify the central point, and reveal the essential problems.
  • Analyze the topic: This is the second stage of the political essay, usually one to two paragraphs with at least 300 words. So, carry out rational and in-depth analysis around the central topic and express unique opinions. When analyzing, remember not to cover everything, but to analyze one point at a time, and hit the nail on the head, this way you will achieve more effectiveness and wield more persuasive power. It requires sufficient arguments, in-depth analysis, and detailed logic.
  • Solve the problem: This is the centre of a political essay, usually a paragraph, about 100 words. Propose feasible solutions to the central topic and forge innovative ideas.
  • Connect with reality: This is the closing of a political essay, usually a paragraph, about 40 words.  The end of the political essay should be closely related to the topic, connect with reality, deepen the theme, and be full of inspiring power.

Research methods for political essays

There are two types of academic research methods. One is speculative research and the other is empirical research. The speculative research can be cultural, political, economic, or historical and is targeted at obtaining conclusions about the relationship between things. While the other is empirical research, whose purpose is to gain knowledge of the attributes of things. Empirical research is divided into two methods: qualitative research and quantitative research.

Qualitative research focuses on observation and interviews and concludes the attributes of things through inductive analysis, discovery from data, experiential interviews, and observations. Quantitative research, on the other hand, uses artificially controlled environments, hypothetical and deductive topics, representative statistics, and experiments to conclude the attributes of things. If the topic selection is empirical, it is generally best to use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, with one method as the main method and the other as a supplement.

Things a good political essay must possess

Learn more

This means strengthening the study of knowledge about writing political essays. First, we must strengthen the study of the basic theories and basic ideas of the textbooks. This is the basis for writing a good political essay. Only by mastering the knowledge embedded in the books can the knowledge learnt to understand and analyze practical social problems be put to effective use. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the learning of political essay writing knowledge, such as what are arguments and demonstrations, what are their respective roles in the essay, and how to closely connect the questions. A good grasp of this knowledge will help you improve your skills in writing political science essays. Third, we must pay attention to reading newspapers, listening to and watching radio and television, and understand major current events at home and abroad, and collect them separately. This helps one put forward a stronger argument when writing.

Think more

This means developing the habit of critical thinking. One must be good at thinking about which knowledge is related to real-life problems and be able to distinguish the applicable theoretical knowledge to the right political and social issues. This aids in the improvement of the ability to integrate theory with practice.

Practice more

One should read more political essays written by others. Know what is good about it, master a certain method then write more and practice more. With this, you continuously sharpen your writing skill.

Ask more

When writing a new subject, one must first ruminate what angle to write from and which theoretical knowledge should be applied. But when in doubt seek other people’s opinions or write a political essay and ask a learned individual with vast knowledge in politics, to make corrections and give comments.