Ways to Find Talented Freelance Bloggers for Your Business

Last Updated on September 22, 2021 by Chrisantus Oden

Ways to Find Talented Freelance Bloggers

Writing for the Internet in the daily life of the blogger and creativity, passion, skills, and solid knowledge are required to have a career in this discipline. As a business owner, you need the service of a blogger or freelance writer in promoting your business, the following qualities are what you should look out for in your prospective writer.

7 Qualities to consider before hiring a freelance blogger

1. Have the required qualities

Web writing is a demanding discipline. So, ensure you don’t become one just for the sake of it. Rather, acquire the basic knowledge about this profession and sharpen your skill, as this is the only way to make a good living out of the profession.

2. Good adaptability

Writing for the web requires versatility. You should therefore be flexible in the choice of missions and themes.

3. A perfect job

A writer must always strive to always have high-quality production. In writing each article, you should aim for perfection. It is this asset that will allow you to improve yourself further. Know that to become better, you must be willing to write repeatedly.

4. Be an all-rounder

Because you will have to write on different themes, you will need to have a piece of developed general knowledge about a lot of topics, thus, you will have no difficulty working on numerous topics.

5. Unlimited curiosity

For a blogger, being curious is a quality, not a flaw. It is this asset that will give you certain ease in the search for serious resources. The desire to know more and more will allow you to open to unfamiliar subjects.

6. Be well organized

Poor organization is fatal in this business. You will have to know how to define the priorities for the success of the missions.

7. Training cannot be overemphasized

Training is essential to master a given discipline. The Freelance Web Writer should not do without this step. It is by training yourself that you will learn about the different workings of the profession and its subtleties. It is also during the apprenticeship that you will know the techniques and the rules in the matter.

To be a seasoned blogger, you can also train yourself by reading books and articles that unveil tips for success in this field to improve yourself. You can also choose to attend specific training in web writing. Today, there are many online courses available that allow you to learn how to write well on the web. However, know how to distinguish good information from bad ones.

You can research to find a blogger both online and offline, word of mouth can also be a good way to find a good copywriter if there are people around you who have called on one before. Otherwise, you will have to search for this future provider yourself.

Social networks can facilitate your search for talented professionals. Some freelancers explicitly offer their services through their social media accounts. These sites will also allow you to unearth hidden talents and make lots of contacts and get to know other entrepreneurs who can recommend good authors to you.

Also, there are professional writing agencies that offer web content writing services. The more the agency is recognized in its market, the higher the price of services. If you have a significant budget, it is worthwhile to hire an agency specializing in professional writing. Note that the agency’s references do not guarantee the quality of the writers who are part of it. In addition, you will not always have the possibility to choose yourself as the author who will take charge of your topics.

Some online platforms offer their users, whether professionals or hobbyists, the opportunity to register as freelance writers and write content for companies from all walks of life. Authors are assessed based on their writing skills and receive compensation depending on their level of expertise. This relatively recent concept has proven productive. This is evidenced by the numerous articles that are written annually by the authors who have integrated these portals.

How to get the best freelance blogger

Firstly, to find a competent blogger, you should be able to identify which author profile is competent. The following rules will guide you when looking for a service provider to outsource the writing of your content.

  • Bloggers’ website

The bloggers’ website is one of the first places to visit to analyze their skills. You can come across an author’s blog or site by doing a Google search or entering the name of a reputable provider. Either way, professional writers should feature flawless writing on their site.

Observe how the blogger describes himself, what his vision of the job is and what his accomplishments are. Did he put forward some references or examples of achievements? These elements will give you the first glimpse of his style. You can also seek the opinion of your collaborators or that of members of your team by having them read the author’s article.

References are invaluable in judging a bloggers’ abilities. The more known the customers cited, the higher the prices are likely to be. Find out if the writer has real knowledge of your industry. If you are not sure, you should clarify this point when contacting your future provider.

The most popular editors can’t always update their sites. The freelance authors who treat many commands do not have the time to devote to their promotion. A writer’s website should therefore not be the only factor that will influence your decision.

  • Communication

Once you reach out to an author, how you communicate will be key to knowing if the communication flows. Showing empathy can help you build a lasting professional relationship. Importantly, the chosen service provider must listen to you and quickly integrate all the important information for the completion of your order. Even if the first contact often takes place by e-mail or via a contact form, a physical exchange, be it an appointment or videoconference, must take place before an agreement is signed to cement the relationship.

When a blogger, writer, or journalist submits an offer to you, make sure that all terms and conditions are explicitly stated in their proposal. Ask yourself what kind of service this copywriter will provide you. Is he advising you in your best interests or is he simply trying to make the most of his business? Authors, concerned with preserving their clients’ objectives, anticipate problems and come up with proposals.

  • Initial job

When you get the first few jobs from your writer, pay attention to the words you use. Do not hesitate to read his text aloud to check the readability and fluidity of the sentences. Check the reliability and added value of the information and do not hesitate to seek advice from other people in other to be more objective and fairer.

Always evaluate the writer’s work against the chosen topic and publication medium. Informative texts are more intended to qualify users and impart knowledge. Therefore, the content should always be oriented towards the end-user. Consider the comments of your target group and check the statistics that can help you assess the performance of the article such as the number of page views, reading time and frequency of sharing on social networks. Quality content can drive conversations and more traffic to your website.

Budgeting for your writer

The pricing of intellectual services, such as professional writing, is very uncertain. To address the cost of a copywriter, we must assume, for the sake of simplicity, that you want to hire an author exclusively for copywriting. In many cases, providers can also perform image design or administration assignments.

There are a series of questions to ask ranging from; what role should your future editor play?  Do you need a service provider for a one-off assignment or are you planning a long-term collaboration? What level of quality do you expect? The scope and quantity of texts to be written must also be considered.

However, most writers are flexible and willing to tailor their rates to suit clients and projects. Just ensure the price set is acceptable for both parties, to preserve a lasting collaboration.