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This thesis on a project undertaken by the author is aimed at providing explanation of the basic theory of the work of road design and its associated activities also, to cover practical methods of working.
In pursuit of the meaningful completion this project a lot of investigation was embarked with principles and practice of road construction. The total distance of route was determined and stations established bearing in mind the intervisibility of the stations.

Leveling was carried out to obtain information on the profile of the route for proper earthwork knowledge which theodolite traversing was carried out to obtain the plan and horizontal alignment of the route
Soil analysis, gave the proper constitute of the soil which was also carried out to and in the pavement design. Therefore the pavement design of the route was abased on the results obtained from the soil analysis using the CBR method.

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Table Of Content
Chapter One
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Relevance Of Project
1.2 Site Inspection
1.3 Evolution Of Road Network In Nigeria
1.4 Motor Vehicle Characteristic That Affects Road Design Data
1.5 Drivers And Their Characteristics
1.6 Reconnaissance Survey
1.6.1 Chain Survey
1.6.2 Station Marking
1.7 Factors Affecting Choice Of Station

Chapter Two
2.0 Theodolite Transversing Of The Road Control
2.1 Definitions
2.2 Thetheodolite
2.3 Theodorite Adjustment
2.3.1 Temporary Adjustment
2.3.2 Permanent Adjustment
2.4 Procedure For Theodolite Traversing
2.5 Materials Used For The Theodolte Traversinging

Chapter Three
3.0 Project Field Leveling Work
3.1 Leveling
3.2 Profile Leveling
3.3 Cross Leveling
3.4 Objectives Of Leveling
3.5 Instruments Used In Leveling
3.6 Temporary Adjustment Of Leveling Instrument
3.7 Definition Of Some Leveling Terminologies
3.8 Leveling Book
3.9 Earthwork Computation
3.9.1 Method

Chapter Four
4.0 Soil Analysis
4.1 Collection And Preliminary Preparation Of Samples
4.2 Mechanical Analysis
4.3 Atterberg/Consistency Limit Tests
4.3.1 Liquid Limit Test
4.3.2 Plastic Limit Test
4.4 Compaction Test
4.5 The California Bearing Ratio (Cbr) Test
4.6 Pavement Design Using Cbr

Chapter Five
5.0 Geometric Elements Design
5.1 Basic Design Parameters
5.1.1 Design Speed
5.1.2 Gradient
5.1.3 Sight Distance
5.2 Curve Design
5.3 Curve Parameters And Formula Used, In Designing Of Horizontal Curves
5.4 Vertical Curve Design
5.5 Cross Sectional Elements Of The Road
5.6 Brief Description On Stages Of Work And Equipment Used N Road Constriction
5.7 Summary And Conclusion

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