Civil Engineering

Structural Detailing of Two Storey Building

Structural Detailing of Two Storey Building

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Structural Symbols And Notation
1.0 Introduction

Chapter Two
2.0 Detailing Process

Chapter Three
3.0 Design Condition And Summary

Chapter Four
4.0 Reinforced Concrete

Chapter Five
5.0 Engineering Design Specifications

Chapter Six
6.0 Detailing Of The Elements

Chapter One


In other to provide information to contractors in a construction industry for works to be carried out on sites, drawings are produce, which serves as means of communication are used by designers in every engineering specters.

For those reason, the works are mostly work of a structural engineer to design a construction of structure for sheltering to be completed, such as road, bridges, railways, dams, buildings and other relevant construction work. Sketches of these works are prepared by free hand, then these sketches are put together into a clear and well presented working drawing used by the builders and contractors for implementation after taken of the particular drawing to the specified authorities for approval.

All detailing works developed by the structural engineer (the detailer) serves as a good prerequisite of standing the risk of sudden collapse of building or structural failure of a building members. It also helps to avoid unnecessary delay of works which may come up doubt, and frequent clarification.

The methods ad techniques involved for detailing reinforced concrete structures are shown in this project.

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