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Design and Implementation of Computerized Banking Monitor Information System

Design and Implementation of Computerized Banking Monitor Information System


This project work is concerned with monitoring Banking Operations a case study of CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA PLC.

The internet is used in this project and this is the act over evolving state is becoming a serious method of business communication and data transfer worldwide. As such banks and other financial institutions are beginning to use the internet as a new vehicle for informal mentoring.

The internet allows banks to after both new services and level of convenience for existing services and allows the consumers and customers to interact from any computer capable of making appropriate connections.

The technological developments have made most banks and other financial institutions is be more responsive to change and it is imperative to adopt the latest technology to maintain operational efficiency as a means of wording off the competitive threat, increase the speed of transactions improvement of customers’ conveniences by reducing barriers to entry into the payment system and retail banking.


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1.1 Background of the study

1.2 Statement of the problem

1.3 Purpose of the study

1.4 Objective of the study

1.5 scope of the project

1.6 Limitations of the study

1.7 Assumption of the study

1.8 Data of terms


Review of Related Literature


Description and Analysis of the existing system

3.1 General description and analysis of the existing system

3.2 Fact-finding method used

3.3 Organization structure

3.4 objective of the existing system

3.5 input process and output analysis

3.6 information flow diagram

3.7 problem of the existing system

3.7 justifications for the new system


Design of the new system

4.1 Output specification and design

4.2 Input specification and design

4.3 Procedure chart

4.4 System flowchart

4.5 System requirements



5.1 Program design

5.2 Program flow chart

5.3 Pseudocode

5.4 Source listing

5.5 Test run



6.1 System documentation

6.2 Program documentation

6.3 User documentation



7.1 Conclusion

7.2 Recommendation





The greatest innovation that has taken place in the twenties century is in the more real information technology. This is currently made possible by the introduction of digital computers, which have been observed in the field of communication to be increasingly inseparable from communication. These linkages often referred to as amplified by business trends technology and business, foster growth in network systems that use communication links to connect subsidiary systems (nodes) which may sender and receive direct information to, from the sender, and receiver.

Taking off the internet a couple of years ago would have sound link a fair table but today the internet is pervasive in almost every field of human endeavor changing the fundamentals of how are conduct national as well as international business. In a few years of existence, the internet information in Banking has shown that it can sliver the long-sought-after goal of electronic commerce.

It is worth noting that companies in developed countries worldwide have recognized the business potential of the internet and are getting connected to the network of the network in their million back to be relevant to their customers in terms of the services they provide in the twenty-first century and the future most append this services provide by E-commerce in the banking system to stay in the competition. Now that on-time banking is the one thing bank should get up and invest in internet technology information monitoring systems to reap bounteously the benefit accruing from web banking.


The advances in the world of information technology it is almost recorded daily consequently rendering former communication equipment obsolete as people tilt toward the improved electronics that support E-commerce made possible through the use of the internet in the banking sector.

Although a significant improvement has been recorded in the use and development of technology information monitor in the banking industry over the last decade. Most banks are still far from implementing technology-based strategies able to see them through competition in banking markets. This may be a result of lack of awareness, the inability to evaluate the benefit derived from the use of the recent technological development (internet), and capital shortage that may hamper the design and subsequent implementation of the technological tool hence denying customers of these advances services and their flexibility choice and convenience associated with the internet banking.

The advantage offered by these toll calls for a view of an existing automated system and subsequent design and implementation of computerized banking monitors system site to improve the existing system.


* To investigate the lack of the current automated system in terms of modern technology explainers that support internet banking services and suggest ways of updating them.

* To design a friendly information site that graphically advents goods and services proves by the bank.

* To improve the speed effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience of banking transactions.

* To carry out a feasibility study on the organization to install on-link banking.

· To design and implement a computer software to solve this problem and render the services.


The study and subsequent design and implementation of computerized the administration and the customers in realizing the long bath goal of speed efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience the program takes care of those factors that militate against the smooth running operation of the organization using the online services, provided by the bank,

Bettor stile scholars who intend to carry out subsequent research could have this as a base from where improvement could be made.


This study and subsequent design of the computer software are limiters to the CBN Enugu. Although limited to the above organization. The findings design and implementation of the software are likely to apply to other banks.

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