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The ways computer application is embrace in every aspect of human life shows that every activity, organization cooperation, companies, hospitals etc. need to be computerize. Hospital activities are not exceptional in this computerized world. The information revolution age is a result of several developments in electronic and information.

The height to revolution and computer in particular is availability of power at modest cost for the consumption of business organization makes the difference. The introduction of microcomputer to information processing gives to all levels of managers, more power to retrieve and process information; however, it is not a difficult task to computer specialist.

Thus, the arrival of the desktop computer and ability to retrieve needed information from many driven source, promise a huge increase in productivity of decision makers. Furthermore, it is very important to survey continually the use of the newly discovered, this fact point the need of document every aspect of computer system. Attention should be turntowards reduced need to understand the technicalities, which the system developers bothered with in order to design and implement a new system.

The activities of hospital which includes personal record, drug inventory, disease inventory and birth statistics keeps on growing from time to time due to apparent population explosion. These areas can benefit from the information technology tool called computer. The control and management of the data call for database management system (DBMS), which is responsible for the handling of structure data that will store manual on card index or cabinet containing files.


To promise quality medical services to all inhabitants of Abuja and it’s envious.
To undertake the diagnosis and treatment of a board range of ailment etc.
The hospital has the following department which includes:

Medical division which has internal medical pediatric obstetric
Gynecology and sergeant
Micro laboratory
Cattery work
Central stores
Nursing departments etc.
The hospital keeps the following record in this manner: hospital attendance, number of admission in hospital beds or discharge.


The medical college also serves a string base for graduated in order to acquire the much needed experience in the medical profession; the hospital has a lot of facilities that include:

Discharge death
Medical laboratory


The body care unit (BCU) is un-charge of babies born in the hospital. This documentation has created problem in filling unit of the hospital. The problems that have been created through the documentation of file include:

Mostly, it occupies some rooms which should have been useful for other important thing in the hospital.

Considering the fact that the activities of the organization is operated manually, it become necessary to date the problem encountered in carrying out their daily duty, since the sole aim of the baby care unit produces useful information needed by the management in the birth and death rate of the babies in the hospital. It becomes frustrating when this information is not accurate makes the system to encounter the problem of having so much file work at transit state a most of the employee’s file may be missing.

This hinders any updating that may be necessary in the birth and death rate record. The amount of paper document has increased to the extent resulting difficult in referencing by the research doctors of that particular hospital. The problem of access could be improved by the use of computer and this makes the interest of the researcher to be high on this topic and to the development more point, database management system will go long way toward the pare works and difficulties for the nurses and doctors in fact the staff are facing to carry out their daily duties.


The main objectives of the study, is to enable the staff of UATH to keep accurate record on the death and birth rate statistics. This study will help the staff in many ways and will be useful in the following way:

To embrace the full knowledge and also impact of computers in birth rate system to enhance efficiency.
This study will help future employees in the areas of family planning and population study.
Also the study help the management to plan, organize coordinate and control operation to achieve the set objective.
All the above goes long way to help decision making that will minimize cost hence maximize profit.

In any research work or proposed system Its significance must be clearly stated in order to bring about meaning to the study and also to strengthen the flexibility of the proposed system in its mode of operation.

The proposed system will ensure the following:

Provide quick access to information retrieval
Provide reliable and timely information to the management.
Enhance accuracy and improve consistency.
Provide sufficient storage and processing facilities.
Process data quickly and effectively


Death and birth registration system are carried almost all over the world today mainly in the develop countries. However University of Abuja Teaching Hospital was chosen as the scope of the study because of the inability of covering all the hospital she wishes to cover. Considering the fact that the activities of the organization are done manually it then becomes necessary to state the problem encountered in carrying out their daily operation. Based on this, if the operation of (BCU) baby care unit is done manually, accurate information will not be drawn but the implementation of system will help in storage of useful information that may be use in future reference.

Facts are that activities of the organization are done manually, it then become necessary to state the limitations that are being encountered by the study they include:

In the course of birth registration the system only defines values inputted into it example the time of birth might not be accurate can easily be jeopardized since it is being operated by an individual.
Also one of the limitations of the system example on death record is that the system does not have the ability to carry dead patient to the mortuary and also recording of the occurrence of vital events in the cause of the death.
In some countries only people who lives in cities have access to the registration services of the system.


The method of data collection adopted for the purpose of this research work includes: Oral interview, Questionnaire, Consultation of published literature.


Automation: This is the use of automation equipment machines to do work that are previously done by people mainly.

Advent: This has to do with the arrival or approach of an important person event.

Constraints: This is defined as a thing that limits or restricts an individual from processing.

Database: It is a large stores data held in a computer and accessible to a person e.g. individual name, address and sex etc.

Computer hardware: These are those physical peripheral that one can see touch in a computer system and also medical attach to the computer to examine patience body.

Computer software: These are programs store in the computer by the manufactures. And more programs can also be stores by the manufactures. And more programs can also be store by the person that bought the computer to do specific task.

Insufficient material: Since the hospital have not introduced the using the computer in previous years. It is very difficult to get necessary material needed to carry out this study and material that are related to medical system.

Finance: One of the difficulties encountered during study is the lack of money to finance the researcher in order to get all the materials needed. Some finds it difficult to transport to place where he want to get materials from.

Time constraint: Lack of time affect this study, the time given is not enough for the researcher to encounter all the materials he needs for the study. The above factor makes it difficult for the researcher to obtain all the information required for the competition of the project work.

Medical laboratory: This is a place where patient are tested, examined to know the particular problem that they have before treatment.

Cardiologist laboratory: This is a medical doctor who specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease he is an expert in handling specialized equipment such as the electrocardiograph, and in reading the various training that indicate whether the heart muscle is working normally or behaving in some unusual manner.

Pathologist: A pathologist is not a medical doctor although he has some basic training in the effect of medicines upon the human body.

Pharmacologist: A pharmacologist is medical doctor who specialized in the field of drugs and their effect upon the human body.

Laboratory scientist: He is a specific in the field of medical laboratory. He directs and supervises a specialized division.

Specimen specialist: This is a substance taken to be tested to represent the whole for definite purpose.

Patience: This is an individual who is sick and the person is admitted in the hospital for treatment.

Ultrasound: This has to do with the following having volume, bulky and copies.

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