The Causes and Effects of Human Trafficking Among Our Women in the Society

The Causes and Effects of Human Trafficking Among Our Women in the Society


This project work is carried out to investigate the causes and effects of human trafficking among our youths in the society, using OREDO Local Government Area of Edo State as a case study. The need for the study arises because of the alarming rate of increase in human trafficking among the youths in the area under investigation. From the analysis, it was found that human trafficking brings about total moral breakdown in peaceful marriages or homes, and human trafficking terminates academic careers, and also brings a poor national image or poor reputation to the state. The objectives of this study are to alleviate human trafficking or abolish human trafficking among the entire members of the state. The researcher, therefore, recommends that there should be the awareness of sex education in all schools, and the use of mass media for proper enlightenment to parents and youths. The teaching of moral or religious training in schools should be mandatory in the school curriculum, as this can help in solving the problems. Government and non-government agents should educate the entire members of the state on the dangers of human trafficking and include it in the school curriculum.



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Human trafficking as presently practiced is a recent addition to the dictionary of global woes. Though rampant globally, corruption varies from region to region and country to country in its intensity. Human trafficking in contrast tends to be systematic in its occurrence, especially since its span increases as the globalization process intensifies. Though previously existing in forms such as prostitution, child contemporary human trafficking is an organized business. Women and children have been the victims of human trafficking for thousands of years.

This practice, going on throughout the centuries, finally became a political issue in the early 1900s. In 1902 the international agreement for the suppression of the white slave traffic was drafted. Its purpose was to prevent the procreation of women and children for immoral purposes (Asem, 2001). With the problem of human trafficking still growing in the middle of the country, the United Nations felt it is necessary to address the problem. This was done by the 1949 convention for the suppression of the traffic in person and of the exploitation of the prostitution of others which was retired by 49 countries around the world. The occurrence of human trafficking is not decreasing, millions of women, men, and children are still being kidnapped and transported from their homes, and some are even sold by their families for meager amounts of money.

There are a number of common patterns for human trafficking around the world in many places, particularly in developing nations, men and women are lured into good jobs in other countries. Having no better option in their home country, they decided to move away unaware of the torture that lies ahead (Amnesty international 2004). Besides being lured with promises of a good job, there are other situations in which women receive false marriage proposals from men who plan to sell them into bondage. There are also instances when young girls are sold into the sex trade by their parents who are trying to earn some money.


The statement of this problem is to know what causes human trafficking in Nigeria one also to know the effect of human trafficking in Oredo Local Government Area to provide a suitable recommendation on the causes and effect of human trafficking in Nigeria in order to improve the standard of our economy and the people in the country. One of the major causes of human trafficking is poverty and economic constraints, in this area, the government must be able to provide jobs for the people and also improve the standard of our economy, if the government can be able to do this, the rate of human trafficking will be reduced to its minimum level.


The purpose of this study include the causes and effects of human trafficking in Nigeria and to proffer possible recommendations to this problem in the OREDO Local Government Area of Edo State for the people in the society to live a better standard of living in the country, and when there is a solution to this problem, our economy will improve faster or rapidly and create employment for people. For this purpose to be achieved in Egor, the government must be able to enforce laws and provide a suitable solution to the causes and effects of human trafficking in Nigeria.


The significance of this study is carried out for the people to benefit from the research work which are the government, individuals, students, market women, the local government area (Egor) where the research work is being carried out, and also the teacher. The significance of this study is carried out in OREDO to proffer a recommendation on the causes and effects of human trafficking in Nigeria.


The researcher will attempt to test the following questions:

1. Is poverty and economic constraint major causes of human trafficking?

2. Does high illiteracy level bring about high human trafficking?

3. Does a high level of human trafficking hinder development?

4. Does it bring about frustration among the youth in OREDO Local Government Area of Edo State?

5. Does human trafficking lead to the spread of diseases like HIV/AIDS?


The scope of this study is to know the kind of people that are involved in human trafficking which are the youths, men and women, they are involved in this activity due to poverty, economic constraints, unemployment, lack of education, etc. the scope covers the causes and effect of human trafficking among our youths in OREDOLGA of Edo State. Attention would be focused on the actual causes and effects of the human trafficking problem as well as eradication of human trafficking will be suggested.


Trafficking: The term trafficking means the movement of people from one country to another, this could be either woman, child, or human trafficking for the purpose of earning a meager amount of money for their daily living

Human: This has to do with mankind as opposed to God or animals of persons having the qualities feelings.

Human trafficking: This is a process where individuals are exploited for financial gains by other persons.

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