Barriers to Second Language Acquisition

Barriers to Second Language Acquisition: A Case Study of Hausa and Kurama


Language is the key point to any effective reasoning for every individual, without language, one cannot express its idea properly and effectively. This thesis is an attempt to find out the barriers faced by Kurama adults in acquiring Hausa as second language. It is divided into five chapters, the first chapter introduces the study, purpose of the study, statement of the problem of the study, significance of the study, scope and limitation on the study and then basic assumption. The second chapter is about literature review on second language – acquisition. Socio-psychological problem in language learning and learning strategies in an adult. The third chapter introduces the research method used in conducting this study. The fourth chapter is data presentation and discussion where the researcher identified barriers relating to phonetic and phonology interference of Kurama phonological system into Hausa language and barriers relating to syntax. The last chapter summarizes, discussion and recommendation concerning the study.

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