Duration Dependent Impact of Sacoglottis Gabonensis on Aspartame Induced Hepatotoxicity


This study aimed at evaluating duration dependent impact of aspartame and Sacoglottis gabonensis on the liver of male swiss mice after chronic exposure( 90) Days Experimental Design: A completely randomized experimental design employing relevant statistical tools for analysis and interpretation. Twenty-four hours before the termination of the experiment, blood samples were collected for determination of some liver injury biomarkers, Histopathological analysis was carried out to generate Photomicrographs of the Liver, Kidney and reproductive organs Results showed a significant decrease in liver injury biomarkers, and an increase in the oxidative stress biomarkers and the increased number of hepatocytes captured in the liver epithelium of animals co-administered S. gabonensis shows the novel property of S.gaboensis as an antioxidant defence against oxidative damage.


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