Biochemistry New Topics

List of Interesting Biochemistry Research Project Topics (New) 28-08-2019

List of Interesting Biochemistry Research Project Topics

Biochemistry is the branch of science concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes and substances that occur within living organisms. We have developed a compelling list of interesting biochemistry research topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

Research (Signal Transduction)

  1. Understanding the role of microbial itaconic acid production in Fungi Synthesis
  2. Analyzing the relationship of MOBs and NDR1/2 in cell cycle damage signaling
  3. Analyzing the Biological Effects of Sprouty2 Inhibition in Periodontal Ligament Cells
  4. Mapping Morphogen Signaling pathways and documenting the regulation of complex biological responses

Research (Membranes and Transport Mechanisms)

  1. Understanding the role of Peptide and Protein Structure in Membranes in the formation of
  2. A study on the role of Membrane Biology, Ion Transport in Innate Immune Response
  3. Mapping the Glucose Transport of cellular and biochemical basis of insulin action and resistance.
  4. The role of structural determinants of protein functions in human health
  5. Understanding the Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins and how it affects the distribution of drugs within the body.
  6. Analyzing the role Platelet function and dysfunction in coting wounds

Research (Others)

  1. The Evolution of Microbial Disease
  2. Microbial Biofilm Formation: From Molecular Mechanisms to Therapeutics
  3. Bacteriophages and Human Health
  4. A comparison of Protein Folding and Design between Humans and Mice
  5. Targeting B cell receptors in vaccine and diseases