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List of Interesting Electrical & Computer Engineering Research Project Topics

Electrical & Computer Engineering Research Project Topics

We have developed a compelling list of interesting Electrical and Computer Engineering research project topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

Electrical and Computer Engineering:

S/N Project Topics
1. Developing an Android Based Electrical Appliance Controller
2. Developing a Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation with Maximum Power Point Tracking
3. Developing a Closed Loop Control of Brushless DC Motor using Recycled Materials
4. Developing an Automatic Room Light Controller using IR Sensors
5. Understanding Bioelectrical Instrumentation and Signal Processing of 5G
6. Designing Cardiovascular Instrumentation and Devices
7. The Evolution of Integrated Nano-electronics
8. The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics
9. Designing Wireless Mobile Phone Chargers with Wireless Transceivers
10. The Evolution of Cryptography for Networks and Systems
11. Network Computing, Communications and Storage: Developing a File compression algorithm
12. Designing a RC Farm Drone for Crop Monitoring
13. Distributed Computational Intelligence: The Evolution of Search Engine Algorithms
14. Web-based application for automatic timetable generation
15. Designing a Job Interview System using a Facial expression recognition Software