List of Interesting Philosophy Research Project Topics (New)

Philosophy Research Project Topics

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. We have researched and reviewed the best research project topics in Philosophy.

Philosophy Project Topics

S/N  Project Topics
1. The Thanos Question: The overpopulation of the Earth; are there humane ways to prevent it?
2. What should be done about Global Mass Extinction: Flight or Allow Nature Decide?
3. Are We Already Experiencing the Third World War?
4. Secret Societies in History and Present Day
5. Was Mother Teresa good for the world?
6. Has the Gender Gap been closed or has Gender Bias been Rebranded?
7. Will the Global Class System ever be Eliminated?
8. The Connection between Religion and Global Ethnical Conflicts
9. Is a Universal Religion Possible?
10. Should there be a Relationship Between Sexual orientation and gender?
11. The Relationship Between Sports and War Fare
12. Are we experiencing too much Football and will a one-year break help or ruin it?
13. What Can Be done about global poverty?
14. Does the power over the globe now belongs to corporations, not governments?
15. Civil wars: are they internal affairs or the symptoms of global events?