The Growth and Characterization of CdS Thinfilm by Solution Technique


We have successfully grown cadmium I1 sulphide (CdS)thin film on glass substrate, using Tioethanolamine (TEA) as canplexing agent, cadmium acetate (Cd(CH3COO)2. ZH20 1,ANiionle solution (NH3), and Thiourea (SC(NH2l2) at a pH of ll* We have shown that CdS cannot grow in acid medi~~rn. We have also successfully characterized CdS thin film with a view of optimizing the growth parameters. Absorbance measurements revealed a CdS handgap of 2.43eV. Thickness of the films were measured and an optimum thickness of 15.6 x IO*? was obtained at the 6 hours of deposition time, uslng Sml of 7.45M TEA and 1Oml in Cd(CH3COO)2.2H20. 1OmlSC(NH2)2.