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The Impact of Effective Planning and Control on the Purchasing Activities of a Manufacturing Company

The Impact of Effective Planning and Control on the Purchasing Activities of a Manufacturing Company


This is a research project on the impact of effective planning and control in purchasing activities a case study of Nigerian Bottling Company focuses on the importance of planning in all purchasing activities both in the public sector and private sector. Nonetheless, that this research was conducted on Nigeria Bottling Company Owerri, it contains practical analyses that will help both the private and public sector on how to plan for their activities. And the reader will find the analyses very logical which will portray the state of procurements on the entire organization or company. This work is arranged into five chapters; chapter one introduces the works background, objective, scope, etc chapter two contains the review of related literature of other authors, chapter three is the method used to gather information for this research work, chapter four analyses and presents the data for this project. Finally, chapter five of this work contains the summary of findings, conclusion on findings, and recommendation on findings.




The importance of effective planning in purchasing activities in any business organization be it: small or large is obvious and important. In any purchasing activity, effective planning is the fundamental and primary managerial function for any sp w operation which made it essential for successful strategy implementation and strategy evaluation because all other elements of management depend upon good planning and control.


The only thing certain for the future of any organization is change and planning is the essential bridge between the present: and their future. In designing and maintaining an environment for the effective performance of individuals working together in groups the most important task is to see that: purpose and objective and method of attaining them are clearly understood. Planning consists essentially of deciding in advance what you want to do and the way you are to do it planning is the application of rational with the aim of making more effective and efficient responding to the need and goals of the organization.


Some years back and even in recent: times many companies have been faced with the problem of planning in the sense that they have not recognized the importance of effective planning in purchasing their materials. The issue of effective planning in purchasing activities in any business organization helps the organization to get quality materials from a good supplier at the right time. Most times the organization will have a problem getting good material due to lack of planning. Sometimes it might be a lack of planning of efficient of the supplier to supply at the right time. Therefore this research is aimed at solving the problem that will occur when the planning step is not taken and offering a good way to be used in the planning step.


This research work is to consider the requirement in planning effectively of getting the organizational materials, recommending alternative channels of planning, and also resolving the common conflicts that are common in the planning section of any organization. When this is done some of these objectives will be achieved for this study.

1. Emphasize the importance of planning.

2. Suggest alternative ways for effective planning.

3. Studying other ways for effective planning.

4. The present planning step that is being used will be examined in detail and its effectiveness assessed.

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