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Give five examples of trade associations

(a) Give five examples of trade associations.

(b) Outline any three functions of the Employers’ Association.

(c) What are the objectives of the Lake Chad Basin Commission?


(a) Examples of trade associations are:

(i) Manufacturers Association of Nigeria.

(ii) Taxi Drivers’ Association.

(iii) Garri Sellers Association.

(iv) Cement Dealers Association.

(v) Nigerian Union of Teachers.

(b) Function of Employers Association are:

(i) It collaborates with trade unions in settling disputes between employers and employees.

(ii) It also ensures the health and welfare of workers.

(iii) It establishes satisfactory terms and conditions of employment.

(iv) It provides standards of safety for workers.

(v) It maintains standards and ensures that terms and conditions in the contract of employment are obeyed by the employers and employees.

(c) Objectives of Lake Chad Basin Commission are:

(i) To resettle the persons affected by the works and schemes stated under special resettlement schemes.

(ii) To enhance the agricultural potentials of the Lake Chad Basin area for irrigation.

(iii) To undertake projects for the control of flood and erosion.

(iv) To construct and maintain dams, wells, boreholes, drainages, irrigation systems.

(v) To control pollution of rivers and Lakes.

(vi) To teach farmers modern farming methods.

(vii) To foster economic co-operation and development among member nations.