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Give four Uses of an Organization Chart

(a) Give four uses of an organization chart

(b) Explain three reasons why managers may refuse to delegate

(c) State three advantages of delegation of authority.


(a) Organisation chart can be used for the following purposes:

(i) Organisation chart shows the various positions in an organisation.

(ii) The structure of the organisation can be easily known through the organisation chart.

(iii) The line of authority can be revealed.

(iv) Through the organisation chart, the relationship between the various units can be easily known.

(v) Organisation chart shows the span of control within the organisation.

(b) Reasons, why managers may refuse to delegate authority, include:

(i) Fear of subordinates making mistakes/lack of capable subordinates.

(ii) Fear of subordinates performing better than the boss.

(iii) The subordinates may detect the faults of the manager.

(iv) Hard-working subordinates may take over the job of a manager.

(v) They may fail in producing quality jobs.

(vi) There is fear of subordinates becoming more knowledgeable than the boss.

(c) Advantages of delegated authority are:

(i) The workload of the superior may be reduced.

(ii) It makes for speed in the performance of duty.

(iii) Delegation of authority saves a lot of time as certain duties can be delegated to the subordinates.

(iv) It helps to spread out work in an organisation to every worker.

(v) Delegation of authority helps to train the subordinates to whom the authority is delegated to do certain jobs.