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What is an advertising medium?

(a) What is an advertising medium?

(b) State any five factors to be considered before choosing a particular advertising medium.

(c) Give eight examples of advertising media.


(a) An advertising medium is a means through which information about goods and services is brought to the awareness of the people.

(b) Factors for consideration when choosing an advertising medium are:

(i) The cost of using any of the media.

(ii) The age group that uses the product.

(iii) The extent of circulation or coverage of the media.

(iv) The target audience – type and social group to which it is aimed.

(v) The number of people the medium can reach.

(vi) The Nature of the products must be taken into consideration.

(vii) The medium or media used by business competitors.

(c) Examples of advertising media are:

(i) Television

(ii) Radio

(iii) Newspaper

(iv) Magazines and journals

(v) Cinema

(vi) Catalogues

(vii) Leaflets, Handbills

(viii) Window display

(ix) Billboards, posters.

(x) Trade fairs and Exhibitions.

(xi) Free samples

(xii) Car cards/ Stickers.