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A Short Witty Statement is Called an

A short, witty statement is called an

  • A. Epigram
  • B. Anecdote
  • C. Epistle
  • D. Analogy
Correct Answer: Option A

An epigram is a short, witty, and often satirical sentence that says something about a thought or observation in a clever and brief way. Epigrams began in ancient Greece as inscriptions on monuments or works of art. Over time, they grew into their own poetic forms. They have been used in different kinds of literature and art to make comments about society, politics, and human nature.

Epigrams often use humor, irony, or paradox to send a strong message and make them easy to remember and make you think. They can be in the form of poetry, prose, or even just a single line. Famous writers and thinkers like Oscar Wilde, Alexander Pope, and Benjamin Franklin have used epigrams to say what they wanted to say in a short and entertaining way.

In conclusion, an epigram is a gem of language that shows off the wit of its author and gives a snapshot of wisdom that can be enjoyed and thought about. It’s a good way to get your point across because it’s short and funny, and the audience will remember it long after you’ve said it.