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What is 1.29 as a Fraction? – Decimal to Fraction Conversion

What is 1.29 as a Fraction?

  • A. 17/34
  • B. 7/20
  • C. 1/2
  • D. 3/4
  • E. 129/100
The Correct Answer is B. 129/100


1.29 can be written as the fraction 129/100.

However, since 129 and 100 only share one common divisor, this fraction is already in the simplest form.

Therefore, 1.29 is represented as a fraction of 100.


Fractions and decimals represent the same concept: a portion of a whole. However, the way in which they express this part varies, leading to a variety of mathematical and practical uses. This explanation aims to represent the number 1.29 in fractional form.

Understanding the Decimal

Understanding the given decimal, 1.29, is the first step. A whole number (1) and a decimal place (0.29) exist. The decimal point is followed by a number that is read as hundredths. As a result, 1.29 can be read as “one and twenty-nine hundredths.”

Conversion to a Fraction

After understanding the decimal place values, we can convert the decimal to a fraction. As 0.29 represents twenty-nine hundredths, we place 29 in the numerator (top portion) and 100 in the denominator (bottom portion) of the fraction. Considering the whole number component, we have 1 and 29/100, which can also be expressed as 129/100 as an improper fraction. This represents one whole (or 100 hundredths) plus twenty-nine hundredths, totaling 129 hundredths or 129/100.

Simplifying the Fraction

In the final step of the conversion process, the fraction is simplified. The numerator and the denominator are divided by their greatest common divisor (GCD). In this particular instance, however, the fraction 129/100 does not have a common divisor greater than 1, so it is already in its simplest form. If we were to express this as a fraction, the result would be 1 29/100.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the decimal 1.29 can be written as the fraction 1 29/100. Understanding the decimal’s place value, expressing it as a fraction, and finally simplifying the fraction if necessary are all steps in the process. The fraction representation in simplest form for 1.29 is 1 29/100.

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