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The Main Aim of Life Skills Is

The main aim of life skills is

1. To develop capabilities

2. To develop ability according to demands and challenges

3. To receive the answer to every question

4. To become a good teacher

Answer with Explanation

A skill is a learned ability to do something well. So Life Skills are the abilities that individuals can develop to live a fruitful life. Life Skills are psychosocial abilities that enable individuals to translate knowledge, attitudes, and values regarding their concerns into well-informed and healthy behaviors. Empowered with such skills, young people can make decisions based on a logical process of “what to do, why to do, how to do and when to do”

The main aim of life skills is:

The abilities for adaptive and positive behavior enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

  • ‘Adaptive’ means that a person is flexible in approach and can adjust to different circumstances.
  • ‘Positive behavior’ implies that a person is forward-looking, and even in difficult situations can identify a ray of hope and opportunities to find solutions.

Other aims:

  • Life Skills Education aims to reinforce existing knowledge and positive attitudes and values along with the prevention of negative attitudes and risky behaviors.
  • Life Skills Education contributes to the promotion of personal and social development and the prevention of health and social problems.
  • Participatory and interactive teaching-learning methods are the critical components of Life Skills Education.
  • The schools can promote Life Skills Education by creating a friendly, supportive, stimulating, and structured learning environment.

Hence, we can conclude that the main aim of life skills is to develop ability according to demands and challenges.