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Which One Is Not the Quality of a Good School?

Which one is not the quality of a good school?

1. Teaching all subjects

2. Conduction of debates and essay writing

3. No organization of games

4. Well developed laboratories

Correct Answer – Option 3: No organization of games

School is an agency for formal education that has its structure and organization. It is governed by rules and regulations prescribed by the state. It is a place designed to provide an adequate learning environment for an effective teaching-learning process. It is a miniature society where children learn by interacting with their environment.

Seven characteristics of highly effective schools: 

  • Supplemental support is provided for student learning.
  • A strong and well-defined sense of purpose among faculty.
  • Faculty collaborate and support each other.
  • An explicit focus on test preparation.
  • Teaching resources are widely available as Well developed laboratories.
  • Teachers have regular access to professional development opportunities.
  • Teaching and learning are prioritized to support high academic expectations for student learning. There should be a place for debates and essay writing.

Thus from the above-mentioned points, it is clear that no organization of games is not a quality of a good school.