10 Interesting Topics for Mass Communication Research Paper, Projects & Ideas

Last Updated on February 4, 2021 by Chrisantus Oden

Topics for Mass Communication Research Paper

Choosing among so many topics for a mass communication project is not an easy task. The student needs to analyze the different aspects and identify a subject that arouses his curiosity. A very wide choice can make the academic commit to a very extensive and difficult job to please the bank, so it is important to be careful with the decision.

In this communication study, the student learns to express ideas through different languages. In the last year of college, however, he has to face a challenge: the final year research project.

Communication research is a mandatory curricular activity, that is, fundamental to obtain the degree at the end of the course. The format of the work must fit the requirements of the faculty, which may be a monograph or experimental project. Below are some interesting topics that you can work on for your research project.

10 Interesting Topics for the Mass Communication Research and Projects

1. Influence of advertisement on consumer behaviors (A Study of Indomie noodles advertisement on final year students at the University of Lagos)

Many people have claimed that advertising manipulates people into buying things by playing on emotions and promising great status and social acceptance. And there is no doubt about the fact that this new advertisement and others like it would affect the consumers of Indomie noodles. Advertising as a major means of selling goods, products, and services in Nigeria and all over the world is faced with a lot of challenges owing to the development of advertising in Nigeria and challenges associated with rending services customers have so many complaints ranging from awareness to feedback. Therefore, this study is an attempt to examine critically the rate of influence advertisement on the consumer of Indomie noodles. This research work also seeks to determine the rate at which they are influenced by advertisements on Indomie noodles. This research work will also determine the level of acceptance of advertisements aired by television stations on Indomie noodles.

2. Impact of social media on students’ academic performance (A case study of students at University of Ibadan)

In recent years, academics have opined that the advent of social media has impacted students’ academic performance heavily. Some have even argued that it has led to a lot of neglect and challenges such as deviation, distraction, and divided attention between social networking activities and their academic work. Therefore, this research work is out to understand how social media affects the academic performance of students at the University of Ibadan.

3. Impact of billboard advertising on product promotion

Advertising is one of the tools used for persuasive communication to the target audience. Advertising is done through varying forms of paid media, TV and radio commercials, print advertising, social media advertising, and billboards. This research work seeks to examine how billboard advertising can develop and sustain the print media in this digital age. This research work will also examine the level and extent to which billboard advertising promotes products and services advertised.

4. The Implication of the National Broadcasting Commission Code on Broadcast Media (A case study of Channels TV)

Radio and television are essential organs for national development and should therefore be used for the promotion of Nigeria’s cultural, economic, and political development. The media should also be used to improve security and promote the unity of the people of the country. To ensure this, there is a need for a body to regulate its operations and that is where the national Broadcasting Commission (NBC) came into existence. This Commission issues license and regulates broadcasting in Nigeria. This research work seeks to examine the implication of the NBC code on broadcasting media in Nigeria. It will also examine how the broadcasting code has affected Channels Television broadcasting media. This research will also examine if NBC code has in any way aid professionalism at Channels TV.

5. Impact of Social Media on News Reportage

Since the beginning of social media, sharing of information around has changed tremendously as it has become faster. In place of this, news reportage also changed remarkably, and traditional media houses are beginning to use these platforms effectively to their advantage. This research work seeks to examine how social media has impacted news delivery. This research work also seeks to examine how social media has affected the structuring of traditional media houses and their operations.

6. Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Radio News reporting

The world is changing especially in technological development and broadcasting has been at the forefront of many technological changes, mostly in digitalization and enhancement of existing technology. Much research work on radio reporting has focused on the coverage of particular events of general interest and critique of programs. This research work seeks to look at the impact of ICT on radio News reporting. It also seeks to understand how it has positioned radio stations for increased awareness and profits in the 21st century. This research work seeks to make recommendations on the use of ICT in news reports.

7. Impact of MTV Base musical programs on the cultural behavior of University Students in South-South, Nigeria

Musical channel programs have seriously influenced a cultural shift amongst Nigerian youths both negatively and positively. This research work seeks to conduct in-depth research on the impacts of MTV Base musical television programs on the cultural behavior of students in selected universities in South-South Nigeria, with an insight to determine its implication to the cultural values of Nigeria. This research work also seeks to understand how contents on MTV base affect Nigerian university students.

8. Audience perception of #EndSARS protests

The #EndSARS protests rocked many cities across Nigeria in October 2020 and it has led to a breakdown of trust in the structure of governance in Nigeria. Despite the cause in which the protesters were agitating for being a noble one, it was not a generally accepted movement across all age groups, political ideology, and ethnic divide in the country. This research work seeks to understand the perception of this movement across the different divides in the country. This research work also seeks to examine the reason for the popularity of this movement amongst social media users in the country.

9. Communication as a tool for nation-building

Nigeria as a nation has faced severe tests and trials in the quest for nationhood. However, the coming of globalization which has been spearheaded by increased communication has shown that nationhood can be achieved in Nigeria. This research work seeks to examine how communication can be utilized as a vehicle in the quest for nationhood. This research work will also examine the consequences of the failure to communicate can have on the national integration drive of a nation.

10. Understanding the disinformation strategy

In recent times, there have been moves by many international and domestic players to disinform the public by sharing fake news as a strategy to combat trending news about those players. This strategy has now gone beyond established state actors to individuals. It is in light of this, the research work seeks to examine the origin and development of this strategy. This research work will also examine the mechanisms for carrying out this strategy. And finally, this research work will also examine the role social media plays in the advancement of this strategy.