How to Plan an Affordable Vacation as a Student

Planning an Affordable Vacation as a Student

Being a student can be pretty difficult and demanding sometimes. There’s the struggle to attend classes, do assignments, write tests, do term papers, participate in group and individual projects, and so on. Sometimes the mind and body need some sort of escape from the heavy workload and stress, even if it’s just for a weekend. Students get a lot of breaks during the school year and can take advantage of the various discounts available to them because of their ‘student status.’ This time of your life is the best to travel as you may not get as much time again when you leave school. However, money is the biggest hindrance to this thirst for adventure and rest.

There are many ways to make trips more affordable whilst retaining the fun factor. Here are a few tips on planning a vacation on a student budget.

1. Be a Traveller, not a Tourist

The difference between tourists and travelers is in how much money they spend. Tourists go on tours and buy many gifts for their family and friends. Being a traveler should be much easier than that, be smart and visit the right places at the right time.

Many sites of attractions offer free admission at certain days and hours; try to catch them at these specific times; this helps to cut down on the cost of paying to visit. You don’t have to buy things for everyone at home; more gifts mean more luggage, and more luggage means more fees during your travel time.

Learn to live like a local while on vacation, and try to learn and research the habits of the people in the places you intend to visit; this helps you cut down on your expenses because most street sellers and vendors tend to hike their prices for ‘perceived strangers and tourists’.

Eat like a local; try to walk away from those places where tourists eat, and you will be shocked to find how much money you get to save on really good local cuisines.

2. Be Smart about Transport Systems

While traveling on a budget, you must be smart about transport systems and find a way to get the cheapest possible flights, buses, or trains. Don’t travel during festive seasons, as prices are outrageous.

Plan your trips the season before or after the holiday periods. During these periods, many people avoid traveling either in preparation for the holidays or just returning from traveling because of the holidays.

Airports and bus stations tend to reduce their prices around this time to attract tourists; this makes it a good time to take advantage of the price slash. Try to put money aside for your return so you don’t overspend and become stranded. While at your destination, try to opt for buses or public transportation instead of cabs; this could help you cut costs.

3. Look for Budget-Friendly Destinations

I know it may seem so tempting to go to Paris or Italy for a vacation; as much as that seems exciting, try to look for a destination that fits your budget.

Some places you should consider that are amazing and budget-friendly; for example, in Nigeria, you could consider visiting Calabar or Benue state.

Do a quick search and find out as much as possible about these places; talk to people who have tried going on vacation in these locations. Be aware of these places’ climate changes and weather conditions to pack correctly.

4. Be Adequately Informed About Possible Options for Accommodation

Try to switch out staying in hotels for those hostels with shared accommodations; this allows the opportunity to meet new people and could be a great learning experience.

Some locals also offer a spare room in their houses at a reduced cost for a time, this could cut down your living expenses in half and if you’re lucky you may have found a personal tour guide as they could give you pointers on the best places to visit for cheap, ways to get souvenirs at a reduced price, spots to get food at low costs if you’re interested.

Remember to check out ratings and gain as much information as possible before choosing a place to stay. Remember, safety comes first. Also, try to connect with people living in the cities you intend to visit; who knows, you might find someone you know who lives in the city and get free accommodation.

5. Search for Volunteer Programs

A cheap way to visit various countries (yes, you heard me right, countries!) is to sign up and volunteer through ‘work away.’ It connects travelers with individuals, families, and organizations that provide accommodation and food in exchange for voluntary work. Find out what suits you, and you are well on your way to visiting many amazing destinations without spending money.

6. Bring a Friend

Taking a friend on your trip helps cut your expenses by half; if you choose to stay in a hotel, you get to share the bills and pay less; cab rides and a lot of buy-one-get-one free fees where you can get two and split the bill for one.

You get to vacation for cheaper. So you should consider planning your vacation with a friend of yours. You get to be with a familiar face, which could make your vacation more enjoyable.

These tips are a sort of guide to enable you to plan for an affordable vacation on a budget. Don’t forget to get lost in the excitement of things; you will do just fine.

I hope this helps explain why your time as a student is the best time to travel. The opportunities available are endless. You cannot put a price on the experience you will gain or the people you will meet.