9 Reasons Why Writing Skills Are Important Today

Why Writing Skills Are Important for Students

Learning to write masterfully, or at least improve your word skills, can bring many more benefits to your life than you might think. Do you dream of transforming other people’s lives with your writing skills? Eternalize your words in the hearts of your readers? Spread your message to the 4 corners of the world? And why not make money? Maybe you don’t want public recognition, but you want to be able to work with freedom, in the safety of your home, and doing what you love for clients who value your work. All of this is made possible by writing. So, let’s get to know 9 little-known but very important reasons to learn how to write well this year (and anytime).

1. Increase sales or start a business

Every writing is a transaction. We writers are buying your attention while readers are selling your attention. Whether to sell or to get closer to your audience, learning to write well is essential for good communication on the internet and in any other medium.

Through sales pages, emails or producing content, writing skills will be the basis for the growth of your business and your sales, whether of products or services.

We all want to buy, but we hate the feeling that we are being talked into it. Therefore, learning to write and mastering the art of persuasion is essential for those who want to sell more.

2. Leverage your charisma

A person who writes well has a more extensive vocabulary and the ability to organize ideas logically, basic elements for a good speaker. Try saying you’re a writer to see how much more people will be interested in what you have to say. First, learning to write to enhance your charisma requires an important commitment: freedom from fear of defending your ideals. Haters will appear on the way. Don’t focus on them but focus on the faithful audience you’ve built.

3. Accelerate your productivity

The act of writing your tasks in the right words puts you in the right state to complete them. In addition, some studies show that writing your goals down on paper considerably increases your chance of achieving them. If you’re a writer, you need to have the research in hand and the text structure ready to just write the next day. Don’t rely on willpower, but on the strength of habit.

4. Be perceived as someone smart

If your writing skills are good, in addition to looking good, you will prove to be someone who has something relevant to say. However, beware of the curse of knowledge. Being specific in a text is critical to imprint the image you want in the mind of the reader. It is very common to fall into the trap of being vague in your descriptions. Just as it is difficult to understand abstract works of art if you are not a lover, professional or scholar, it is not easy for the lay reader to understand what you meant when you abstracted your text.

Learning to write well is not just about choosing beautiful words, but also using analogies, symbols, and metaphors to explain concepts that are often complex, makes this process uncomplicated and possible even for a child to understand. Have you seen any of the series of books for laymen? Use the same principle, even if you master the subject like no one else.

5. Record videos, do lives and lectures with more confidence

It all starts with writing. Any well-written text can be multiplied into new content and the original idea will be transported to other communication media, including videos, live and lectures. This is a rule that we use a lot at Viver de Blog in all our content, allowing us to reach more people.⁣ A core content can be quickly transported to various media, becoming:⁣

● Blog article.

● Script for a video on Youtube.

● Classroom for online courses.

● Topics from a podcast.

● Slides from a lecture.

● Excerpt from the sales page.

● Email for your weekly campaigns.

● Custom pitch for a prospect.

● As you can see, all well-written text can multiply into new content.

It feels like a central subway station right in the middle of the city. So, by writing every day, you guarantee a continuous flow between these stations.

6. Organize thoughts and ideas

Learning to write well, in addition to making your creation better every day of practice, makes your mind clearer and more organized, after all, good writing is a good thought expressed clearly. Millionaire writers focus on generating emotions. Bankrupt writers believe that reason is responsible for persuasion. The rational mind will only be willing to listen after the emotion has taken over. The complete writer is talented enough to do both. It’s important to learn to write ideas that appeal to emotion but can be proven through rational evidence. Evidence, whether data, stories, or testimonies, is part of “good thinking”, as they will support your idea to be good.

7. Build a personal brand

Whether to promote your services as a freelancer or your business, having a strong personal brand is paramount. Learning to write well will show you understand the subject and raise your esteem with your audience. Digital products and services are based not only on the average market price but also on the value you can generate for your customer. The more value you generate, the more you are worth. If you already have a strong image, or if you don’t feel like you’re getting what you’d like, this perception of value can be changed. Don’t say you know but show what you can do.

8. Make your ideas reach more people

The more you learn to write well, the stronger your network of connections will become. This way, you captivate a larger audience, hungry for new content that you publish daily. The size of the audience, as well as its connection, is what differentiates professionals who live well doing what they love most from those who struggle to pay the bills at the end of the month. Forget likes, comments, and shares. Focus on improving your digital presence and learning to write better every day.

9. Working from home or anywhere in the world

Many people believe that this privilege of working from home is only available to the lucky ones, to those who do not need to support themselves, or to the very few who have managed to conquer their space. The truth is a lot of this distrust comes from the belief that it’s very difficult to make money on the internet. Anyone who wants to work on the internet needs to have something very clear in their minds: you’ll have to break a sweat if you want to conquer your space. Perhaps even more than you would if you were in an office from 9 am to 6 pm. And, learning to write well will be essential for you who want to create this life with greater freedom of time, work, and location. Writing skills can take you down paths you never thought possible to earn money, such as:

● Provide services such as social media, copywriter, freelance copywriter.

● Working in a digital company as a remote employee.

● Sell products and services over the internet.

● Create a digital business.