How to Shape a Life of Money and Meaning

“Money does buy more happiness when spent wisely, especially when directed toward experiences, others, and time.”- behavioral finance expert Brian Portnoy said. He points out that wealth influences the satisfaction of one’s life. The value of life can be based on one’s accomplishments, for example, helping others, investing, and traveling.

Most people give excuses why they cannot start a side business to make more income, but life is all about balance. You can make money while still working on your day job. There are several things you need to consider for you to have a meaningful life.


What do you want to accomplish in life? Most people want to lead happy lives. Getting money is not about buying luxurious items but finding purpose in those things that help you fulfill your dreams. This way, you can determine where to place your finances to propel your goal.

Business Planning

Before starting a business, it is important to have a business plan, but having an idea about the kind of life you want to create is even more important. The kind of business you run and the value of life you lead are intertwined. Choosing a business, you love and are passionate about leads to a better quality of life mentally and financially. Business plans need to be updated on a regular business because consumer demands are constantly changing. Business planning should not be taken lightly!

Setting the Right Priorities

Getting our priorities right makes a big difference in creating a meaningful life. You have to balance decisions concerning work and family to manage risks. Informed decisions will avert losses while increasing gains.

Managing our debts and property is important to keep our lives stable. Keeping your debts at a minimum ensures that you are flexible to start or expand a business.


Contentment comes from the things you choose to be involved in, for example, exercise, volunteering, and meaningful work. Happiness comes from your attitude and actions. The best moments of our lives happen when we are involved in challenging tasks that help to expand our minds.

Happiness can also come from mental activities such as computer programming and writing. Using tactics such as collaborating with others to bring a business idea to life is a great way to accomplish your goal.

How to Get Motivated in Life

Motivation doesn’t last long; that is why we need it every day. Some days you feel like you own the world, while other days, you can’t find the will to get out of bed. Having little or no money can be a great motivator to work harder. There are things you can do that will motivate you:

  • Having a Goal: This will help you to stay focused on a single task ensuring that your time and energy are used for necessary activities. Accomplishing your dream goal is mentally and financially rewarding; therefore, it is important to put away all distractions.
  • This can come from others who have accomplished their goals by reading inspirational books and blogs and listening to podcasts. Inspiration can also come from your work and family.
  • To accomplish something, you have to see it first in your mind – this creates excitement and anticipation. Getting excited about your goal makes it easy to start working because you look forward to it.
  • As the old saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one’; asking for help makes work easier. Family and friends can offer help regarding funding, ideas, advertising, and recommendations suitable for your business.
  • Don’t Give up: Sticking to a plan can be a boring routine, but thinking about long-term benefits outweighs the former. There may be challenges, and some days may look bad, but persistence pays in the long run.

The Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration

What is the difference between inspiration and motivation? Some days we need motivation, while on others, we need inspiration. As opposed to what many people think, these two terms have different meanings. Motivation comes from outside forces, while inspiration is from within.

Motivation compels people to act in a certain way based on the expectations of society or peers. This way, people set short-term goals based on their feelings which eventually fade after some time. Having a motivational word list helps in the accomplishment of these goals.

Inspiration is influencing people’s mental and emotional states to do something creative. It is usually exciting and spontaneous. For example, having an idea about how apps make money will give you the desire to develop such apps through commitment and hard work.

List of Motivational Words

Having a list of positive words, such as the ones below, to guide you daily is a great way to fulfill your goal while living a meaningful life.

  • Contented
  • Courage
  • Worthy
  • Faith
  • Blessed
  • Success
  • Warrior

Work and Family

Most people are so engrossed in providing for their families that they forget to spend time with them. Being an all-around individual is healthy for both you and your family. Striking a balance between work and family ensures you do not ignore these important aspects of your life.

Creating a flexible routine that accommodates your work life and family ensures you spend time doing what you love, no matter the occupation. It also helps us focus on accomplishing our dream goals and shift focus from unfulfilling things, leaving time to spend with our families.

Various activities can bring your family together, such as road trips or hiking adventures. Make sure you’re adequately equipped to get the most out of the outdoors.

The Bottom Line

What does a meaningful life mean to you? Being rich accumulates unsatisfying money, while wealth creates a meaningful life like finding happiness.

What do you think are some motivational killers? What are your suggestions on how to get motivated in life?