List of Interesting Statistics Project Topics & Ideas for Beginners

Statistics Project Topics & Ideas

Statistics — We have developed a compelling list of interesting Statistics research project topics. These topics, when adequately executed, are guaranteed to get you a good grade in your final year project.

1. A Non-Liner Regime Switching Models in Financial Series With Two Regimes.

2. Determination of Volatility Clustering in Garch Family Models Using R.

3. Modeling And Evaluation of Risk Measures For the Residuals of Financial Time Series With Unobserved Values Using R.

4. Fourier Series Modelling of Rainfall Data In South-Eastern Nigeria.

5. Analysis of Multivariate Time Series Model and Neural Networks.

6. Multivariate Time Series Modelling of Select Macroeconomic Indicators in Nigeria.

7. On Optimal Complete Replicated Rotatable, Orthogonal, Efficient and Relative Efficient Central Composite Designs.

8. Markov Chain and Stock Price Movement in Nigeria (1985-2021).

9. Integer Programming approach to Staff Scheduling of Resource Persons to a Polytechnic: A case study of NBTE’s Accreditation team.

10. Methodological Models for Optimal Control of Marine Oil Spill.

11. Multivariate Approach to Time Series Model Identification.

12. On Equal Predictive Ability and Parallelism of Self-Exciting Threshold Autoregressive Model.

13. Fabrication and Capacitive (c-v) Characteristics of Conjugated Polymer Composite (p- Polyaniline/n-Wo3) Heterojunction.

14. Multivariate Approach to Time Series Model Identification.

15. Seven-Factor Central Composite Design Robust to a Pair of Missing Observations.

16. Construction of Balanced incomplete Block Designs with unequal Lock Sizes.

17. Design and Analysis of integrated Urban household Survey of Nigeria.

18. Optimal Allocation of Farm Tractors: A Case Study of Benue State Tractor Hiring Agency (BENTHA).