Simple Adjustments Educators can make to Improve Learners’ Experience: Reinvent the Classroom

Simple Adjustments Educators can make to Improve Learners’ Experience: Reinvent the Classroom

The current structure of the classroom needs a couple of adjustments. Research shows, creating three distinct classroom formats aids learners of different types.

Formal, Non-Formal, and Informal.

Education in Africa is at an all-time low. From Basic Education to University. It isn’t getting much better in most African Countries. While other countries like Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa have left most of Africa behind in the Education sector. Most African countries have a lot to do.

Fact is “Access and Quality of Education work hand in Hand”. There are currently about 100 Million out of school children in Africa.

There are a few things that can be done to innovate education in Africa, you don’t have to do it large scale. Start from your School and use it to convince your professional colleagues.

To achieve the best outcome from education, educators must adapt to the learners’ needs.

Besides the standard structured classroom, knowledge can be acquired during seminars, community-based meetings and Yes! Group sports events. And the none of them involve the standard, “Teacher in front of a classroom” Learning.

  1. Get your students involved in out-of-classroom activities and excursions

To be clear, an excursion is an activity organized by a school during which students leave the school grounds to engage in educational activities.

Conferences, seminars, workshops and even cinemas.

While on the subject of Cinemas. Movies are a great tool for education, showing movies in the classroom or taking your students to the Cinemas is a great idea.

  1. Using Movies to Educate Students

Using movies to teach can definitely be a challenge, but when carried out in a proper manner, it boasts of numerous benefits. Unlike texts, movies enable students to learn visually. Movies can teach students about history, engineering, and creativity.

Documentaries should also fall under the movies’ category. These provide even more information accurate visual representation. An interesting and accurate documentary will do more for kids than most 3-hour lectures.

  1. Using smart devices in the classroom

This is already actively being implemented in schools around Africa. 950 Basic Schools in Jamaica have received tablets. Introducing tablets, virtual reality glasses, and Yes! a laptop, seems almost rudimentary to mention the use of a laptop, but it is essential in today’s education.

Some simple gadgets that help with learning include:

  • Speakers

No more “Can you hear me?” questions. Speakers ensure that you are audible to the whole class and no one misses out on important points.

  • Printer

A printer is an important part of creating colorful assignments, reports or crafts and students are more enthusiastic about seeing their work in all its colorful glory.

  • Digital Camera

Educators can and should use cameras in the classroom. They enhance education both inside and outside the classroom. They make learning fun and interactive, and an incredible cognitive experience as lectures would require students to plan what pictures to capture during lectures, excursions, and field trips.

  1. Online Learning

Beyond the standard online classroom, which are courses all their own. Introducing the option of online learning for your classroom is a great way to improve your learner’s experience. Provide weekly or topic-based course notes and/or presentations online. And where possible videos or audio records of classes. This will allow learners access to class they missed for a host of reasons.

If you are feeling generous you can introduce a video conferencing option for your classroom.

  1. Educational Software

There are many educational software that can improve learners’ experience. There is also help educators automate other aspects of the classroom like automate attendance.