Useful Tips When You Have Just Few Days to Examination

Tips When You Have Just Few Days to Examination

Of course, it’s not the best for you to leave your schoolwork and not study for a long time throughout the semester, with all the time you had and then you wanting to do the rush thing few days to the examination. But in case something like that happens for any reason whatsoever, probably you couldn’t find your balance very early in the semester but then examinations are drawing nearer, and you have just a few days to the examinations. What can you do to quickly get yourself prepared so as not to fail? The truth is that what people want to see is a good result so you cannot give excuses, the question will be that what were you doing all through the time you had? What can you do when you have just few days to examination? These are tips to help you to get yourself prepared for examinations if you have just few days to go.

What type of examination?

One thing that will help when you have a short time to study for an examination is to find out and be sure what kind of examination is going to be. Is it going to be an objective, German or an essay kind of examination? This will give you some kind of idea on how to go about your quick reading and study for the examination. If it’s going to be an objective exam of course you know that you just might not need to read as intensively as when you will be writing an essay examination. If it’s an essay examination you have to prepare more and get all the information as much as possible and all the content in. In case you’re not too sure which kind of examination it will be then it’s better to prepare the best, you can and don’t take chances. Even when you know that the examination is going to be objective, you still have to study well in case there is any surprise.

Be with all the necessary materials

Get all the necessary materials with you when you want to study, make sure that you have all the notes and the materials, either photocopies or textbook, get everything with you so that you know what you need to absorb in your head is with you. If you have to go to a friend’s place to borrow his or her note and make photocopy, do that, if you quickly have to buy some materials for the course so that you can quickly go through, do that as well.

Give it all it takes

When you have just a few days to exam and you need to do intensive study then it is time for you to block out a lot of distractions, you need to reduce the rate at which you talk or chat and you need to reduce a lot of things so that you can have maximum time for your study. By all means phone pressing, chatting with people around or online as to drastically reduce so that you can have the time you need. You have to pay the price to make up for the time you have wasted or lost and also know that you can go back and do all the fun things you want to do after examination but give the time now to get the very best grades in your courses.

if the course is more of texts then give all the necessary time to read as long as you can, if it is calculation try as many examples and exercises and solve as many problems as possible. Make sure you give your very best to ensure success.

Get a colleague to put you through

If you are lucky to get a colleague of yours that has studied well and is willing to teach you then you should make the best use of the opportunity. Ask all the questions you can, if possible, let the person explain to you all that he or she knows in the course. This is a good way of catching up with things that you have not known or studied in the course. Getting someone to teach you and put you through can go a long way to help you.

Use past questions

Try to go through past questions as well. Going through past questions that the lecturer for that particular course has set before will help you have an idea of what kind of forma the questions might take and that will guide you in your reading process and study. After some reading, trying out past questions might help you gauge how ready you are for the examination.

Avoid being troubled

Thinking of the fact that you are behind schedule on your study for the exam and you have just few days to catch up, there may be the possibility or tendency to be under pressure and to panic but you should try to not allow that get at you too much, don’t panic, don’t be under unnecessary pressure, just do all the best you can to make sure that you get good grades. Believe in your mind that with the short time you have you can still catch up and get something good out of your course so don’t allow panic to disturb your mind. While you have to be sincere with yourself that if you don’t take drastic steps to really meet up or be very intensive in your reading and study you may not be able to get the grades you want, you still have to ensure that you constructively manage the pressure.

Make notes

It is important that as you read and study, you jot down in your own words and summarize the points in such a way that you might just have to use your jottings for revision and not have to go back too often to the note. If you do not jot and you want to revise, eventually you might still have to be going back to the note. It is better to have a summary with you that you can use to recollect points and the likes.

Study in-depth (especially for essays)

Ensure that while studying for the examination you make sure that every topic you read, you study it very well try to understand it, study it and know it well so that if questions come from the aspects that you’ve covered, you can answer properly and comprehensively. Don’t just trying to cover everything without understanding anything, make sure that if you are you studying a topic you understand it very well. While your goal should be to cover all important topics, don’t just brush over all without actually understanding the concept. Especially if it is going to be an essay kind of question where you have to write, make sure that your preparation is to understand. I think it is better for you to be able to answer some questions very well even if you are not able to answer all the questions than for you to just touch all the questions without being sure of getting them.

Cover all aspects (especially for objective)

If the examination type is objective then you should ensure that you read through all the relevant materials, make sure that you touch on all the texts in the material so that at least you can have a basic idea of what every aspect of the course is about. Should any question be set on any aspect, you can use the knowledge you have to pick the right answer. Ensure you pay attention to details as well because objective questions can be somewhat tricky, don’t just read mindlessly.

Sleep properly

Take good rest before the examination day, don’t be too bent that you want to take a night class even a day to the examination, if you think it’s unavoidably necessary for you to read into the night a day prior to the examination, you may probably do so, but if you think your body needs rest, it is better to rest. It is even best to sleep well before the morning or day of the examination for your brain to be collected and be able to function properly during the examination.

Be at the venue early

Also ensure that you wake up as early as possible on the day of the examination for you to have the chance to read and revise as much as possible before the examination commences. This will mean that you organize yourself properly and get all the materials you need for the examination ready. Early in the morning on the day of examination, you take care of yourself and go to the examinations venue to cover whatever aspects you still need to read or touch on before the examination begins.

One last advice is that you should ensure that such situation does not occur again. It is better to always study early in the semester so as to avoid situations where you will have to be under pressure or panicking. In case you have to deal with meeting up with preparation just a few days to the examination then use the right strategies and do all you can to still get good grades.