Computer Science

Design and Implementation of a Web-based School Management System

Design and Implementation of a Web-based School Management System

(A Case Study of Divine Concept Int’l School)


The manual approach used in the regulation of the school activities by the management board is very tedious and stressful. This research work investigated into the complications encountered due to the debilitation of manpower admitted into the school management with respect to how in-depth it affects other operational systems in the school with a view of designing a computerized system to handle the work with less difficulty for an effective decision-making. In the course of the study, an existing system was digested and its deficiencies were detected and emphatically analysed, after which solutions to the problems were proffered in the new designed computerized system that is reliable and more interactive. The new system terminates all the problems experienced with the existing system. The system is built with PHP (Hypertext preprocessor) and MySQL database to suit the ever dynamic needs of a school environment.


Cover page
Title page
Table of contents

1.1 Background of the study
1.2 Aims/objective of the project
1.3 Statement/Purpose
1.4 Significance of the Study
1.5 Scope of the study
1.6 Limitation of Study
1.7 Definition of Terms

Literature review
2.0 Introduction
2.1 Manual System
2.2 Automation of Activities
2.3 Benefit of Automation

3.0 Overview of the existing system
3.1 Description and analysis of the existing system
3.2 Method of data collection
3.2.1 Interview Method
3.2.2 Reference to written text
3.3 Input analysis
3.4 Process analysis
3.5 Output analysis
3.6 Problems of the existing system
3.7 Justification for the new system

4.0 Design of the new system
4.1 Output specification and design
4.2 Input specification and design
4.3 File design
4.4 Procedure chart
4.5 System flowchart
4.6 System requirements
4.7 Implementation
4.7. Program design
4.8 Program flowchart
4.9 Test run
4.10 Documentation

5.0 Recommendation and conclusion


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