Trade Fair as an Instrument of Promotion Locally Manufactured Goods


This study which is on trade fair as an instrument the promoting manufactured goods in enugu metropolis, (A case study of asbestos sheet made by emenite Nigeria limited) was carried out due to the following objectives.

To determine how trade their can help to stimulate marketing produces.
How trade fair can help a company to increased their marketing shares and profits
Whether participants, organizer and consumer obtain values for their money.
Finally, to access how the participating companies make adjustment when need arises in other to achieve the above objectives, the research carried out face to face oral interview which helped them obtain information 50 respondent were interviewed. Based on analysis the following findings were made.

· Emenlte participant in trade fair help successfully in promoting products asbsetors sheet

· Trade fair positively created awareness of absorb sheet product of emenite ltd.

· And emenite participation help to increase customer patronage. In the view of the above ending the researcher recommend the following.

· Tan emenite should continues to attend trade fair because it promotes it’s products.

· That emenite ltd should improved on its transportation arrangement.

· Based on the fact that trade fair creates awareness and increase customer patronages emenite should continue to attend trade fairs.


Title page


Table of content


1.1. Background to the study

1.2. Statement of the problem

1.3. Objectives of the study

1.4. research question

1.5. Significance of the study

1.6. Scope of the study

1.7. Limitation of the study

1.8. Methodology of study


2.1. Management of trade fairs

2.2 Meaning of trade fair

2.3 Objective of trade fair

2.4 The organization of trade fair

2.5 Guides for all trade fair

2.6 Trade fair as a promotional tool

2.7 Performance and prospect of trade fair

2.8 The impact of trade fair on local manufactures.

2.9 Basic rules for effective and efficiency trade fair


3.1 Sources of data

3.2 Population of the study

3.3 Size determination sample

3.5 Sampling techniques

3.6 Research instrument questionnaires

3.7 Validity of research instrument

3.8 Method of data treatment and analysis


4.1 Summary of findings

4.2 Conclusion

4.3 Recommendations



Trade fair is a form of promotional device that enables companies or manufactures to show case and demonstrate their products to both middlemen and ultimate consumers.

It can also be defined as a means through which manufactures, distributors display their good to the members of the public.

People participation in trade fairs have privilege to physically examine, make comparison and learn about new source.

These shows are usually designed of special group in a particular geographical area (as made in village trade fair) individual who participate in the fair are always interested and inquisitive about the new trends in a particular field and probably may want to know whether there is any slight change in product features. When the exhibit are well published, managed targeted, the result will increase sales volume for exhibitors.

Ability to staff is considered to be the most essential factor of these show because it is those staff who will attend to the customer by informing, educating and persuading them to buy and use their newly introduced products.

Trade fairs are good for sales promotion and sales. the role of trade fairs in marketing of locally manufactured goods is to create a form for physical interaction between manufactures and their potential customer or consumers.

Manufactures use these medium to know how much increase the buyer or consumer have in their product both the new product that are to be introduced and old product that have been existing in the market .

They also use the medium to know how many show purchase intention or place order, since the participating vendors expect several benefit which include: generating new sales lead, maintaining new customer through the public relation offices at the trade fair stand selling more to present customer at company’s price, meeting new customers or prospects, introduction new products and educating customer with publication, motion pictures and visual material Trade fair are organized at regular interval mostly at the same location and period of the year which usually last for seven to the days (7-10). These are basically two kind of trade fair which are : zoned in three (3) and national trade fair. International trade fair are usually held in Lagos, Kaduna, and Enugu. Lagos serves as a venue for any international trade fair that is to be located in the western region while Enugu and kaduna serves as the venue for eastern and northern region precisely.

This forum (show) are usually designed for special groups in a particular geographical area. (as made in Nigeria trade fair). Individuals who participate in this fair are always Interested and inquisitive about the new trend in a particular field and probably may want to know whether there is any slight change in product. Then when the exhibits are well publicized, managed, staffed the result is an increased sales volume for exhibitors. Edit staffing is considered to be the most essential factors, these show and conventions merely because it is these staff who will attend to the customers, by informing, educating and persuading them to try or use their newly Introduced products.

Trade fairs help in attending companies and enterprises get in touch with their customers and getting many inquires from serious minded enterprises and company executives who end up placing prodders. Trade fair is a good venue for sales promotion and sales.

The role of trade fair in marketing of goods is to increase marketing performance, it also create a forum for physical interaction between manufacturers and their potential customers. Manufacturers use these medium to know how much interest the buyers or consumers show in their products both the new product that are introduced and old product that have been existing in the market and how consumers reach to various features and terms, also how many express purchased intention or place order, since the participation vendors expected several benefit which include generating new sales lead, maintain new customers/contract. (though the public relation officers at the trade fair stand), selling more to present customers at company’s price, meeting new customers, introducing with publication motion pictures and visual materials.

Trade fair is organized at regular interval mostly at the same location and period of the year it usually last from seven to ten days (7 – 10 days). There are basically two kinds of trade fair organized in Nigeria.

The International trade fairs which are zonal into three in this country (Nigeria) are Lagos, Kaduna and Enugu. Lagos serves as a venue for any International trade fair that is to lasted in the Western region while Enugu and Kaduna serve in the Northern regions.

Emily Millionaire Industry Limited with head office in Lagos came into the cosmetic production in the late 1978 while that of Enugu branch was established in 1990. The company have participated in both International and local trade fair to better it’s futures in the cosmetics Industries thus the researcher looks at trade in improving market performance of cosmetic Industries with special Interest on Emily Cosmetics Limited Enugu.


The role of trade fairs in the promotion of locally manufactured goods to the consumer and the companies need not to be over emphasized. But most often the goods of trade fair are not usually acquired, these start from the fact that it takes the consumer a lot of time searching out the stand for the producer of these goods, because these stand are not strategically located. The place is usually crowded, most often customer cannot stand for long struggling to locate these stand. Some times the attitude of the attendance are nothing to write home about. In some cases, manufacturals do not relative very well to the customer, question of enquired by customer are not often well treaded. Some times, it is entirely ignored, one can find that price of goods at trade fair are at times very high compared to what obtain in the open market. Most of these stands are attractive they are some times not clean and tidy, this bring about discouragement of some visitor from doubt have affected the visitors negatively and this impacting negatively on the sales of participants. These problem and many more as the relates to Emenit limited from the focus of this study.


The main objective of this research work is to critically assess how trade fair can help the marketing of Asbestors sheet made Emenite ltd. Other objective are:

1. To know how trade fair can help a company to increase their market share and profits.

2. To determine how trade fair can help stimulate marketing of Emenite product (Asbestors sheet)?

3. to find out whether participants, organizers and consumer obtain value for there money.

4. Finally, to asses how the participating companies judge trade fair and how they adjust when the need arises.

1.4 Research questions

The following research question will help guide the researchers.

How successful is trade fair in promoting eremite product (ASBESTORS SHEET)

Does trade fair create awareness of asbestos sheet made by eremite.

What are the problems of emenit ltd participating in trade fair can encounter.

Does trade fair participating by emenite ltd lead to increase patronage of asbetors sheet.

Do participant, organizer and consumer obtain value for their money.


This research will have a greate impact on the company, other related companies, consumer, readers and researchers.

To the company, trade fair will help Emenite limited to stimulate or increase the marketing of its product (Asbestors sheet and other rooting materials) It will also help them to increase their market share and profit to other related companies like ETENIT LTD SAPELE DELATA. It also shows favourable reaction of potential customer the product been advertised. Which the aid of trade show advertising is declining fact with the increase in the standard of living.