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What is 0.75 as a Fraction? – Decimal to Fraction Conversion

What is 0.75 as a Fraction?

  • A. 17/34
  • B. 11/20
  • C. 1/2
  • D. 3/4
  • E. 1/8
The Correct Answer is D. 3/4


The fraction 75/100 is the same as the decimal 0.75.

But you can make this even easier by dividing the numerator and the denominator by their largest common factor. In this case, you can divide both 75 and 100 by 25.

When we do this, we get (75 ÷ 25) / (100 ÷ 25) = 3/4.

So, 0.75 as a fraction is 3/4


Converting decimals to fractions can seem hard initially, but it’s not too hard once you know how to do it. Today, we’ll look at how to change 0.75 from its decimal to its fraction form.

Understanding the Decimal

0.75 is a decimal number with two digits after the decimal point. The first number shows how many tenths, and the second number shows how many hundredths. This means that 0.75 is the same as 75 hundredths.

Conversion to a Fraction

Once we know what each place in a decimal means, converting it into a fraction is easy. 0.75 can be written as the fraction 75/100, where 75 is the number of hundredths and 100 is the total number of parts that make up a whole.

Simplifying the Fraction

We divide the numerator and denominator by their greatest common divisor to simplify this fraction. 25 is the greatest common divisor of the numbers 75 and 100. Therefore, both parts of the fraction are divided by 25, resulting in (75 ÷ 25) / (100 ÷ 25) = 3/4.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the fraction 3/4 can be expressed as the decimal 0.75. This conversion process—understanding the place values of the decimal, writing the decimal as a fraction, and simplifying that fraction—enables us to convert any decimal to its equivalent fraction form easily.

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